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Southern region Assembly conducts 12th regular meeting

The Southern region Assembly conducted 12th regular meeting this week. Mendefera, 16 March 2013 – The Southern region Assembly conducted 12th regular meeting this week.

Mr. Woldai Gebre, Chairman of the Assembly, said that the role of the Assembly members is vital in reinforcing community participation in the implementation of development programs.

Moreover, the congressional meeting heard reports presented by line ministries and national Associations and conducted in-depth discussion in this connection, reports said.

Accordingly, a total of 782 km. of dirt roads have been renovated through popular undertakings involving 1.2 million manpower, while remarkable accomplishments were registered as regards preparation of farmland, soil and water conservation, environmental hygiene and upgrading of infrastructural capacity of schools.

The congressional meeting further called for reinforcement of governmental functions against illicit import of agricultural medicaments so as to avoid environmental pollution, ensuring equitable distribution of tractors and construction of public toilets, among others.

Mr. Efrem Gebrekristos, the regional Administrator, called on the Assembly members to demonstrate versatility in the process of addressing public demands.

Furthermore, the Assembly has called for stepped up community participation in the national development drive in general and introduction of temperate fruits, as well as doing away with malaria infection in particular.

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