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Youth, Who Has Attained The Key To Success And Development

9th YPFDJ Conference–which was convened from March 29 to April 1 in Birmingham, UK, under the banner theme: “Efficient Organizational Development for Fruitful Economic and Vocational Input of the Youth”– was concluded passing key resolutions. This Conference is in line with the domestic forums that have been conducted periodically in the effort to promote the consciousness and organizational capacity of the youth, as well as the political task of mentoring young cadres.

Organization is an essential factor that transforms consciousness into a united and productive force. Needless to say, no goal can be achieved devoid of effective organization. The history of Eritrean youth sets case in point in order for anyone to describe the efficacy of an organized youth. The asset that has enabled the Eritrean youth yesterday and today to perform, in the face of various acts of hostility, glorious history all on its own is its robust solidarity, and active and organized participation in national issues. Once again, in order that national vision could be attained, nationals inside the country and abroad need to forge ahead carrying forward the key factor to success and civilization.

It is to be noted that political task in many parts of the world–including those nations that exult in intellectual and civilized population–is reserved only for elites. The majority grassroots, especially the youth, do not regard national affairs on a par with individual matters. On the contrary, the basis and undertaker of all national political and development programs in Eritrea is the general public, especially, the youth. There exists no political and social task where the decisive role of the youth is not projected. As a result, the Eritrean youth stands peculiar compared with his contemporaries in many nations.

The dedicated Eritrean youth is endowed with genuine political consciousness and organization, as well as marches forward towards achieving tangible goal blessed with the best societal values. Vigilant of external acts of conspiracy and psychological warfare, the Eritrean youth has cultivated a civilized culture of being responsive to all attempts by enemy quarters. On top of its principled just stance, Eritrea takes delight in active participation of its youth in national affairs. At a time when the corroded culture of the youth has become a matter of grave concern in many societies, Eritrea takes due pride in its conscious, industrious and visionary youth.

Equal to the heavy sacrifices paid during the liberation struggle, the people of Eritrea holds strong aspiration towards building a respected and civilized nation. Cognizant of the fact that such hard-won aspiration could not be achieved in any other way, the Eritrean youth has proven committed for the realization of the aspiration. Thanks to the firm willpower of its youth, Eritrea is now found in the avenue for expedite economic growth.

Glory to the conscious and organized Eritrean youth, who is accomplishing spectacular development feats!


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