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Friendship: A Bond That Last’s For A Lifetime

Don’t drop tears

don’t have fear

I know the pain you can’t bear

that is why I am always near.

Every time you fall

I will be there to catch you

I will jump any all to save you and hold you.

I ask you to hold my hand

hold them so tight

and don’t feel sad

because I am going to take you

to the light.


Stanzas of comfort, verses of care, words of love, poems of friendship is all you need to have a grasp of what a true friend means. We think that we can solve any-thing by ourselves but in time we realize that we always need some-one that can give us a hand when we need one, and that is when this friend of ours knocks the door, and we let them take care of everything that is happening in our life. We let them in, because we truly believe that they heal our heart in timesof crises, they can wash away the pain that we can’t bear all alone by ourselves. But also deep inside we know that they are the people who accept us for who we are, they don’t try to change us and they respect our decisions.

But what is a friendship bond? A friendship bond is a bond based on trust, honesty and sacrifice, a bond that it is as hard as a God’s trust, as grand as love and as precious as a family ties, born into someone’s heart. A bond that makes us realize that in this world we need a pal by our side, a pal that completes us. What I mean is that in life we come to learn how to talk and walk, we go to school, we start to work, we get married, have kids and became grand-parents; and through all this-course of life we meet different people, people that might change our life in a good or bad ways, people that are there when we need them and some very few people who sacrifice themselves to save us. However we always are in search of a friend who completes us. Hence, a friend is someone who knows what we are feeling before we say any-thing, a person who knows our sufferings, pains and darkest secrets in our hearts; in short a person who reads our hearts.

Friendship is not based on sex or age or other factors, which is what makes it more interesting. However I prefer the opposite sex when it comes to choosing a friend, because I believe that it lasts for a life time or longer than one with the same gender. In this friendship there is of “we” than of “I”, there is more space of trust, concern and care unlike the friendships between two girls. Such friendships are interesting and lasting. Another friendship that I admire is a friend-ship between boys, in this situation there friendship is usually full of honesty, care and trust, and they refer to each other as brothers not as friends- sometimes the friendship develops more stronger than any kin or blood ties. Such friendships are treasures and true blessings that sweeten the sour side of life. This friendship lasts a lifetime because it was first and foremost founded in innocent hearts, in a heart that transcendent the bond of friend-ship into a more glorious form of brotherhood. For me this doesn’t only last for a life time, but longer. What about a girl to a girl friend-ship? Would it last as long? Does it last for a life time? In my opinion only 10% lasts for a life time. It is rare for a girl to a girl friendship to grow stronger despite the time factor. This is because …………..I seriously don’t know the reason. I can’t fathom it. However I asked this friend of mine and according to him such friendships don’t work out because girls are jealous of each other’s happiness and success. There is that little voice deep inside that nags at each other’s heart when it comes to a friend’s wellbeing. It means that they do like to see their friend happy, having fun and en-joying her life- but it is to a certain degree. Maybe he is right.

If you see two girls telling each other everything and at the same time you feel the lack of trust do you call those girls best friends? For me the answer is no because, just because you told each other what is happening in your life doesn’t mean you are friends. In friendship the first thing that comes is honesty, then trust and finally when you respect those qualities you start sacrificing things for your friends. The time you realize that you have a true friend is when you are facing a difficult moment in your life, because in that moment the first person that comes to give you a hand and asks you to put the weight on him there, there is a true friend.

Those for use

In time of your loss

Those for hangout

When you want to know what

their secret is about

Those for money

When you are out of penny

Those for fun

When out of life you want to run

Those for happiness

When you are tired of sadness

And at last a true friend full of


Who flies over you like a dove

In them you will find so much care

And they will give you every-thing

you deserve.


This poem above shows you what friendship means for different people, some want a friend when they are bored and want a company, some when they want money, some when they want you to do their dirty work, etc. Not everyone knows the meaning of true friend-ship.

For me a friendship based on honesty, trust, sacrifice, care and love lasts for a life time and maybe more if there is more. I have a lot of friends, I see them all equally, but if it comes to who honors our friend-ship like I do I have two friends that know and pay the value of friend-ship. I have a best friend(girl) that I call her my second half, and my other best friend(boy) who knows exactly what is happening in my life and who reads my mind and my heart; so I have friends that understand the value of friendship and honor it like I do, I hope you have one too for it is the best gift one can receive during one’s stay in this world.

Friendship: a bond that lasts for a life time. If you know its meaning you will be glad to have found that someone that makes you complete. And through life you will never feel alone, because even if your friend is not there with you, your heart knows that whenever you need help he or she will be there to give you a hand. So yes “Friendship is a bond that lasts for a life time”








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