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Benchmarks to Economic Progress

What are the measurements of economic development of any given nation? The clear answer for such a question is just changing the living standards of people. Any economic development is basically initiated to ensure the living standards of citizen. However, the procedures that lead to economic development are very dynamic. There is no economic development of any sort that could be achieved over night. It involves different standards which are obviously adaptable to change with time and place.  Hence, programs which are necessity requisites to bring a change in the people’s livelihood need to be strengthened through pragmatic efforts.

In Africa many people are practicing traditional method of farming in their daily activities for new technology is not introduced in a full ?edged manner in larger areas of the continent.  This being the fact, the development of farming technology and other sorts of technological advancements asks or demands a lot of efforts. Nevertheless, in America, Europe and other developed countries such technological problems are not considered as an obstacle for economic development, for the reason that for these countries have been by far using such technologies since the inception of science and technology.
Starting from ground zero, Eritrea has been scoring various development achievements in numerous sectors in the last 21 years. The power of ?nancial capacity is the backbone for any economic development: putting infrastructures in place, introducing new technology, accumulating ?nancial reserve, building skills and know-hows in various disciplines have been a big task for the nation. Utilizing the natural resources properly, saving capitals and materials and fetching gradual change from traditional thinking are the major development programs that could not be postponed for tomorrow. You have to use the quantity and quality potentials of the nation accurately as well as the natural resources such as: water, mineral, land, marine and coastal area resources among others. Moreover, technology is the basic source of economic development and hence you have to understand how and where to use it in innovative and creative manner.
On the top of what has been mentioned earlier, one needs to keep in mind that potential management is very essential in economic development. There will be no successful development without well-organized administration and management. Without the existence of the aforementioned benchmarks’ the possibility of creating negative impacts in the living standards of the people and the consequences could thereby lead to moving out from competition.
It is very important for a nation to consider the economy and understand its connections with other economies and need to pay more attention for it is the resource that interlinked any nation with its neighboring countries.  The need of stability is the top most priority if one needs to provide ef?cient services and produce different goods that could be instrumental in changing the living standards of people. Never forget stability is the main key for economic progress.
Let’s come back to Eritrea’s situation. What have been done in the last 21 years? When there was no infrastructure, there were no social services and everything was reduced in a situation below zero, people’s life style was declined; how far did we challenge the obstacles we have faced on the way? In food, residential houses, shelter, transportation. How did it worked and organized? In order to witness the changes and endeavors which are registered in the past independence years we simply have to have a glimpse around the country and we will ?nd the answers crystal clear.
According to the global economic standard, economic growth of a country is presented in terms of ?gures. The numbers that are presented and the reality in the ground tell too distinct stories. We have to evaluate the developments scored from 1991-2012 for it helps us to assess and to leap forward. How far the citizen’s life standard is changing region by region, sector by sector, department by department. What is the strategy and programs that are planned for a change? Which are the current new programs that are premeditated? How much capital is invested on projects? What is the advantage and disadvantage of the tasks implemented on the ground? Researching about what have been accomplished so far and making amendments if there need to be is compulsory in the nation building process.
Economic development and investment have to bring positive impacts on the livelihood of every family. Every citizen has a right to know the authentic path of economic development of his/ her country.
We are heading by strengthening our potentials and bringing actual change in economic potentials of citizens. After reaching to the ?nal destination of the set journey of development, making an assessment that aims at measuring the over-all progress needs to be our cherished cultural value. However, our evaluation method should not be limited only in numbers, statistics and graphs but rather the concrete developments that we build have to be a corner stone of our evaluation methods.


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