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Gigi born to make people laugh

Today’s we have a guest that his work is recognized by all Eritreans all over the world. Actor, musician, and producer and of course one of the comedians in our home town: Gigi.


Thank you for being here. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I mean honestly speaking most people don’t even know your real name; you are mostly recognized by your nick name Gigi. Yeah well my real name is Daniel Tesfazghi Hagos . I was born in Asmara in 1979.

-when did it all start for you?

To be honest I started acting and all when I was still a kid. I used to act in small theatres at school. As a kid I think I always had the confidence  to perform in front of people. And since I could do a good imitation of old people and scary voices I would always be the grandfather or the real mean and rude man that lives next door. As for music, same as acting, I started playing pianos with my neighbors and then later on I entered the music club of my high school.

-What about comedy?

Actually there was quite and ironic way of how I got into comedy. I had no intentions or whatever of ever taking comedy as a carrier. And one random day in 1999 I was going to a studio for some work that I had to take care of. And I run into Suzinino. I use to know him because we kind of grew up in the same neighborhood; after I asked him what he was doing there he told me he was working on a comedy. To be honest I don’t know what came over me but I started to think that I could do it. And I entered the studio with them ……and well you know how that ended.

-Apart for those you worked in, there are some that you actually produced right?

Some collaborating with Suzinino and some on my own. The ones I’m quite proud of are”Tewelde”, “lavagiio”, “Tezcar”.

-you also produced some kid’s shows right?

Yes, as I mentioned before when I was a kid I use to talk a lot and I use to make my friends laugh a lot. As I grew up I realized I still had that gift, so when I found the opportunity I produced shows that broadcasted for almost two years.

-There was this time in which you reached and won every ones heart. What happened then?

Yeah it was in the time I started playing pranks on people.

-Your first was with the journalists of ministry of information, can you tell us a bit about that.

Well the experience was over whelming. Because they were journalists that I actually admired, and not only to be sitting with them but to be able to put them on the hot seat was an experience I will never forget.  Unfortunately the aim was to make people laugh and so I had to pressure them and ask them rhetorical questions.

-it was a success wasn’t it?

Definitely ever since then I have been all over the city working on those sort of stuff and it is going great.

-It looks like you quite enjoy being a comedian, right?

True. I do. In fact I think from all the arts I have been active in this one is my true calling. I enjoy doing it and I only have to become one person and one person only: Me!
Nobody ever takes me seriously any more. I could be talking about life and death matters and people will still laugh at me.


See this is what happens every time. But ironically I’m still satisfied.

-I would like to thank you for being here.


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