Business is booming.

Zoba Gash Barka: Land of Palm Trees and Elephants PART V

There is more in Zoba Gash Barka. Zoba Gash Barka is the region where the first modern mining industry of its kind is located. This mining industry has opened the prospect that Eritrea is also endowed with rich natural resources along with its hard working people and especially the youth working day and night to put their country in the list of those countries that are developed and capable of feeding their people by not expecting hand outs from outside.The agro-industries, animal breeding, factories such as milk processing in addition to the mining industry will make Zoba Gash Barka, for sure, the bread basket of Eritrea.

And Mish-Allah it will continue growing and more precious minerals available and become the bread basket and commercial center of the region as a whole.

The ancient palace and fortress of Degiat Gurja that is located in Tikul is also another wander for visitors. The fortress looks so ancient and left for researchers and historians to identify. The ‘Holy’ place at Fode, near Dase is also another historical place that need further research and study regarding its essence and meaning. Every where in Eritrea there are traces and history of Tigrian warlords invasion aimed at ransacking property and other things they find in their way.


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