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International Workers Day marked nation wide

International Workers Day, May 1, was today marked nationwide under the theme “Nurturing Culture and Work Values”.

Asmara, 1 May 2013- International Workers Day, May 1, was today marked nationwide under the theme “Nurturing Culture and Work Values”.

In the ceremony conducted at regional level at Mai-Hutsa, Ms. Salma Hassan, Minister of Labor and Human Welfare, indicated that taking into account culture of work as a cornerstone, huge programs are being implemented with substantial investment, and that the economic development of a country depends on the consideration it gives to the work value.

Mr. Tekeste Baire, Secretary General of the National Confeederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW), on his part indicated that according to the reports from the ILO 400 million people are out of work worldwide, and that the primary victims are youths. He also noted that countries that advocate free market are the main affected ones. He further reiterated that as a result of the free stance the

Eritrean Government and the People’s Front and dedication and commitment of the Eritrean people, the nation is standing on firm economic development.

Likewise, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, stated that the May Day celebration is being conducted at the time in which multi-faceted development programs are being implemented, and this attests to the power and capacity of the people to implement the set objective. He further recapped that the huge popular campaigns being conducted nationwide are not only testimony to the organizational capacity but also work, profession art and education are powers that ensure values and dignity.

Similarly, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwot, Administrator of the Central region, noted that a worker is center of gravity for economic development and that a country which possesses dedicated worker in all sectors will no doubt attain the desired goal.

As part of the celebrations, workers from different institutions in Asmara conducted reforestation activities at Mai-Hutsa.
In a related report, workers in Massawa conducted popular campaign at the Martyrs Cemetery in connection with May Day.

May Day is being celebrated for the 123rd time worldwide and 22nd in Eritrea.

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