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United From the Onset to Satisfy Customers Demand

Dairy farm association of Mendefera sub-zone and its environs was founded in 1996. This association started its activities with 114 members under the umbrella of Agriculture Ministry’s branch office and the Administration of Mendefera sub-zone. This time, the number of members has grown to 1,327 with the ever-increasing interest of individuals who have been joining the association. What this implies is that, if a little assistance of experts forwarded any potential farmer could make a difference in securing dairy products of the sub-zone and by large of the country.

Mr. Tesfaldet Ghebretshadik, chairman of the association, said about the ever-growing association that as there has been a growing interest on the part of farmers, the amount of production has grown double folds and plans have been drawn to expand the marketability of the product to other regions of the country. The number of dairy cattle has now reached to 468. To further enhance its contribution, however, the association conducts annual assessment meetings. Every member is content with the benefits gained from being part of the association and thus works diligently towards its success.

What makes the endeavors of dairy farmers in the sub-zone bring fruitful outcome is nothing other than meeting the standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture. Any farmer who wants to conduct dairy farm activities needs to consult the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry double checks the health and the productivity of the cattle. Based on the set criteria the association therefore accepts new members based on the criteria that need to be fulfilled.

The association makes a record of diary production in daily bases and this enables it to see the development it has been making. The association collects from 3000 to 3500 liters of milk and the 2000 liters of which is transported to Asmara and the rest is distributed in Dubarwa and its environs. Some of the products are also sold in the two markets places of the association.

The activities of the association have been confined in distributing unprocessed diary production to customers. With the opening of a private owned diary processing plant, the association would look forward to distribute its products in different forms.

The dairy products of the association are made to pass expert’s extensive test producers so as to ensure its cleanliness. So, a number of people have been receiving secure dairy products. The formation of the association has helped diary framers of the sub-zone to receive technical assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture and other concerned institutions. Thus, the difference of working with an association as opposed to working in isolation is very evident. Bringing all the potentials into one and making huge difference in the amount of dairy products distribution is what has been achieved in Mendefera sub-zone.

Everything the association archived so far is indeed very exemplary; farms in other regions need to have such like association so as to satisfy demands of diary production in their respective areas. So far the association of dairy farm in Mendefera sub-zone have met demands of the sub-zone and is looking ahead to expand its market areas. Working in unity is the very reason that pushes towards the ultimate success of the association.

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