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Apart all the festivities that have been going on in this last week, today is Eritrea national reading day. Globally the National Reading Day is known as a day to celebrate literacy.  Annual Reading Day was held at expo grounds in March 2013. It started on the 22nd and in went on for a consecutive ten days. At the occasion exhibitions and people of all ages were involved.

The book fairs in or country are usually held in expo because it’s large place accommodates the stock of the various vendors who attend. It was a chance for kids to be involved and interested in books while adults had a chance to keep up with the new books of local literatures as mush as fictions and books of different subjects. New writers had a chance to introduce their books and attract readers. In continuation to that today people in all parts of Eritrea celebrated this National Reading Day. The activates of course vary from the people and circumstances. Today is a perfect time to get young readers excited about enhancing their reading skills. In some elementary schools kids had a great time when they wore a hat or some sort of costume that relates to their favorite book character. There’s something about wearing a football helmet, pirate hat, or princess tiara that really gets young readers excited about books!

It helps the students become more enthusiastic about reading when the day’s book is not about history or language skills right out of the yearly curriculum. When it is something, that even with the scoop of moral or historical teaching, entertaining with perhaps few heroically figure or a funny character helps the kids to remember more. This will excite and inspire them to be more enthusiastic about reading.

An elementary teacher today told me that the heroes of these books don’t necessarily have to be mythical but there are those that are called “everyday heroes.” Police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, and other public service workers make excellent guest readers. Kids find this thrilling.

On this day libraries and library associations came together. All the governmental and non- governmental association contribute to this day in any way they can.

But we have to keep in mind that this day is not just designed for kids but for every one that might be interested. Like I have mentioned before new writers find a spectacular chance on this day.

In our community for new ideas to be spread more than any advertisement through ads and internet is more effective when it is vocally transmitted. So the percentage of readers and buyers rises significantly after these kinds of events. Hopefully today’s event will have more impact from the previous years and will influence most of us to follow our literal production.

Because for our country to improve in the literary point of view parallel to the writers the readers have to be active.

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