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Southern Red Sea region: the land of Danakils Part II

What makes the Southern Red Sea region attractive for tourism industry is its richness in marine, domestic and wild animals. The islands are potential breading places for sea turtles, species which are in danger of extinction world wide.

Hence, the presence of these sea turtles is a blessing for Eritrea for those who are particularly sea turtle loving tourists. With proper preservation of this sea animal Eritrea could be in the world map where sea turtles are well cared and attract scientific researches and thereby play its due role in promoting tourism. The Southern Rea Sea region is blessed with around 600 kilometers of coast line. The hinterland is very gorgeous with its white sandy plains, mountains with temperate and cold climate, salt lakes, hot springs, natural foam, and fertile land suitable for farming cereals and vegetables. The wild life of the region includes gazelles, ostriches, wild donkeys, foxes and others. Camels, goats and cattle are among the domestic animals found in the region. Camel is one of the basic means of transportation in the region. It is commonly seen that people, especially those who lead nomadic life use camels carrying household utensils and make shift dwellings from place to place where they could find grazing fields and water supply for themselves and their animals. Cruising through the around 670 kilometers of asphalt and all weather road from Massawa to Assab that goes side by side with the sea is a lifetime experience every one would like to benefit from and enjoy.

Except in some places between Foro and Gelalo the all weather road is intact and smooth to travel for about 80 to 90 kilometers per hour with a land cruiser. During traveling one enjoys the sea breathe and sandy and hot plain in between watching gazelles and ostriches roaming in search of food and water. The region is also endowed with natural resources, historical sites, and amazing culture and way of life of the people. The fishing processing plants, the factory for building boats of different sizes, the referral hospital, schools and clinics in the remote parts of the region and construction of the road out of a rugged and very Volcanic Rocks challenging terrain are some of the many visible witnesses for the government’s efforts being exerted in the region.


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