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A singer gifted with large vocal range

A good singer is the one with good vocal technique, a large vocal range, as well as feeling the song through emotional language and technique, and also acting to provide a song with meaning. People, who want a career in singing, should start young. This means having lots of experience in music, including being able to read music and learning to perform music with other people.

People may feel like singing for various reasons. They may want to share their feeling with other people. They may be feeling happy about something, or sad, or exited, angry. Singing is an art in which mood is expressed through the voice.

All the above I tried to describe about a singer fits to the person I want to write about. He started singing by reciting other singers’ songs at his early age; while he was elementary level in Godaif. His favorite singers, during that time, were veteran singers like Bereket Mengisteab and later Abrar Osman. He owns large vocal range and he can sing and be heard even without a microphone.

His name is Tedron Hagos a.k.a Eruru. I asked him where he got the nickname and he said “I and Yosief Teklai had a song between us called ‘Eruruye’ that was widely accepted by the public. And I think Yosief had already a nickname ‘Arba’a’ and that nickname was given to me. The public still call me ‘Eruru’”. I myself, for that matter, took me sometime to know his real name until I started meeting him in person and talk.

Tedros is a member of the first round of National Service and he served as military trainer for some years in Sawa. Still you see some military in him with his seriousness and taking things seriously. He is also serious while singing. He says “Music is my life. When I sing, I sing with my mouth, mind and body”.

During his stay at Sawa, Tedros got the chance to join one of the music bands in the Sawa premises; National Service Music Band. And there he began to acquaint himself with the public. His first song, according him, was “Wotru Zekiriwa Aitresiuwa Tizitatat Alewa Sawa (literally meaning ‘Always remember her and not forget her; Sawa has a lot of memory). That was in 1994 during graduation ceremony of the first round of the members of the National Service.

The group, in 1996, got the chance to tour to almost every part of the country and Tedros got the chance to perform in front of people and army units and thereby acquainting himself with large audiences including civilians and the army units. That was the time of kick-off to become one of the rising stars in the Eritrean music.

In 2002 he and his colleague Yosief performed the famous song ‘Eruruye’ at Bahit Meskerem during the occasion of Independence Day celebrations. That song stood among the ten top songs of the year. Then after, Tedros produced several music albums and single songs that are well received by the public. So far he has more than 20 songs that have become public and disseminated through the local media outlets.

Tedros is not a singer only. He writes lyrics and produce melody. He also gives lyrics and melody to other singers like him.

Eruru born in 1972 is married and has three children. I asked about the reaction of his family about him being a singer, he said that he has no problem. His children are his fans while his wife admires any one who comes with good music.

Tedros is currently member of one of the Military Commands cultural troupe. He is expecting to produce more albums in the near future.

The writer has discussion with one the knowledgeable person in music. During our discussion my colleague describing Tedros said “He has a bombastic voice and he should identify where and how to use it. Had he worked more towards cultural and traditional songs he would be one of the top singers in that field. He means like that of country music in the west”. I fully agree with the commentator and plus I wish to see Tedros with his traditional costume and with his Kirar (traditional music instrument) and play Tigrigna country music in its highest form.

Good luck and Happy Independence Day celebrations! 

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