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“I was always a prize winner: I thought life was all about that”

He is a teacher that thinks of his self as a student, he says that while teaching he learns more a lot than what he teaches. His name is Isa Adum. He was born in 1981 in Kassala, he finished his elementary studies and  did junior and I high school in Teseney and is a graduate from Asmara University and four years after he got his masters in English. Let’s meet a young and respected tutor.

-Welcome! What does the word “teaching” means to you?

Everything! It is what I do and it is the job that brings me respect. It might look like teaching is a monotonic occupation but for me it is actually so vivid because what I gained from being a teacher is quite lot.

-A lot like what?

Well… starting from the simplest but most amazing thing I get to me a lot of amazing students and helping them develop their skills and mentality is quite an interesting work. I want all of my students to be good with their studies.

-What about you? Were you a good student?

Definitely, I was always a prize winner. Ever since the first year of elementary I never failed to disappoint my parents or teachers. It is quite funny when I was younger I thought life was about winning prizes.

-Who helped you to achieve this much?

My parents don’t even know how to read, but they didn’t want me to live in the darkness of ignorance. So I had their support at all times, I guess that’s what encouraged me. And on top of that I liked spending my time surrounded by books.

-Any kind of book?

Yes, any kind of book. It really didn’t matter a lot but anything that has to do with nature and science appeals my senses. Matter of fact in university I went with natural science.

-But you graduated in English.

Yes I did. I shifted my interest… I guess.

-Do you teach English?

I used to. But you know how we use English since high school so I teach Eritrean literature in English.


In the E.I.T. it’s quite an interesting place.

-Really? How?

It has countless of students with a huge amount of intelligence and a desire to learn more and more.

-A more personal question…

Go ahead!

-What do you like doing when you are not teaching?

My favorite hobby is to read and watch movies.

-Did that help you in having a flawless accent and pronunciation?

Of course, in fact I always suggest books and movies to my students.

-Before we end today’s interview is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Well, for all the students out there I would recommend a nonstop reading. Because personally I know that reading makes one wiser and smarter.

-Well, thanks for being here with us today.

It is my pleasure, thanks for having me.

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