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Southern Red Sea region: the land of Danakils Part V

The tradition that still is practiced in Rahaita is the way that the youth are organized. The Fiema is youth organization that follows the old tradition of the Rahaita Sultanate and still intact and functional. Fiema is organized with different hierarchy and each one has its responsibility.


The Fiema Abba is the overall leader of the organization responsible for the Derder. Eebo the leader of the youth army, Fiema Taba front runners, Reebusa cover givers to the Fiema Taba, Gumageel logistic and Gumagaris executioners of what ever decision made by the Fiema.  Every youth has to go through this different youth units and not abiding by the rules of the Fiema is punishable by the rule of that organization and that of the Sultanate. So it is an obligation of every youth. In present day Rahaita the Fiema still exists with modified structure to fit with the modern day situation. Fiema today is more concerned about social obligations such as serving the society in different capacities and participating in development programs. And every youth should be part of one of the units of the organization and refusal or disobedience has its consequences.


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