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A Resistance That Demonstrated The Power Of A United People

The people of Eritrea have as always celebrated the 22nd independence anniversary of their country with great patriotic zeal. The ever growing festivities and popular enthusiasm in celebrating the anniversary of independent Eritrea is not only associated with the unmatched fortitude and incredible gallantry, but also the united popular vigor that foiled the external hostilities, which were waged to obstruct development programs of a sovereign nation.

As H.E. President Isaias Afwerki has stated while addressing the official ceremony of the independence anniversary, “The value of our independence and sovereignty is not only gauged by the nature of the unremitting hostilities we have come across, but also by the might of our resistance”. Besides, the acts of aggression pursued against Eritrea over the past 22 years of independence are way beyond the count of our fingers. The simplest example of these continued conspiracies toiled to thwart the growth of a newly independent Eritrea is by far the open and extensive invasion of Eritrea on its 7th independence anniversary. Nonetheless, these conspiracies were proven worthless crashed against the solid resistance of the people. The subsequent covert and overt operations instigated to silence our voices and shackle our hands following the appalling defeat of the aggressors are hence clear testimonies to their unconditional trounce and torment. The psychological warfare designed to loosen the strong popular unity mainly targeted and worked upon vanquishing and flight of the young generation, blemish the unity and integrity of the people, as well as enforcing diplomatic marginalization of the country by staining the social and cultural values.

All these conspiracies, regardless of their nature and intensity, were way below the wisdom of the Eritrean population and consequently proved faulty although it would be unrealistic to dub them harmless. On the contrary, the popular resistance has been growing more than ever, and all the hostilities could not hinder and hold hostage the concerted development efforts of the people. But then again, holding fast to the route towards your objectives without getting destructed is the trademark of Eritreans as was proven from their experience of the independence struggle. The true nature and stanch resistance of the Eritrean people were the secrete ingredients behind the success of the past experiences, as they always would be for our future references. For we have trespassed the worst of the hostilities and stood strong on our own grounds, there is no any force which could hold us back from accomplishing lasting growth through our endeavors. Gratitude to the valiant and determined people of Eritrea!


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