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“Sawa it’s a piece of art”

-Hello and welcome. Will kindly present yourself to our readers?

My name is Michele Zecharia. I was born in 1989 in Asmara and grew up there. Growing up I had this fever of drawing down whatever that would capture my attention. Even the smallest objects that would impress a kid, once I was a teen ager I shifted to cars and I started drawing cartoon characters as well.  It’s funny how I would draw some graffiti on the walls of my school with the help of my friends. Those were good times!

-But you didn’t stop there did you?

Well no, my brother is an artist and he encouraged me and started by teaching me how to hold a pencil right, how to do a sketch and these basic things that might look simple but are really helpful. After words when he shared all of his knowledge he signed me up for some art courses.

-So you are an educated artist?

As an artist I had also a chance to go to school for it. But what matters at the end is the love you have for what you do. Of course I learned a whole lot when I took the lessons but I had passion for painting ever since I was involved. I don’t even remember; I guess I was born with it. Matter of fact I was always eagerly participating in painting contest that schools would organize. I even won first place prize in Sawa.


Yeah, my work ended up being the best. I was so happy.

-What was it about?

About us: the youth of Sawa. It was my first time trying out for a surrealistic painting but it turned out to be good. I got inspired from the life style in Sawa: living together, looking out for each other, the love and care of all of the youth that was in Sawa?

-What would be the definition of Sawa for you?

A transition point in which you get to be a grown up. You get to appreciate your Eritrean brothers and sisters. Living for a year with people that come from all over the country and have different culture and languages: means getting customized with new cultures, after all Sawa it’s a piece of art!

-Nice, so what did you do after Sawa?

Well, I got some good marks in the national matriculation so I got back to Asmara and I am studying in the department of computer technology. Am preparing my paper works now; it is my last year  in college.

-Back to arts, what is yours favorite style of painting?

I am into surrealism and I like modern arts, I often paint nude portraits. But the same time I also use realism to convey some messages.

-So which style does it seem to appeal more the taste of the public?

Uhm…  it depends on the generations, young people like surrealism and modern artist and there some people of previous generations that really admire realism.

-Ok, Michael. We really thank you for being here with us today god luck on your exams.

Thank you, the pleasure is all mine.

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