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“I dedicate all of my energy and enthusiasm to dance”

Today we are going to meet a young woman that thinks of dancing as a special activity. Her name is WintaHabtemikael, she was born in Asmara in 1989 and ever since she was young she loved moving her body with whatever kind of music that would come to reach her ears. Let’s see what the definition of dancing to Winta is.

-Hi and welcome. You are a dancer…

In deed I am, more like a fan of dance. I mean I see it as a profession but a lot of times I tend to think that maybe I am a passionate fan of it because it never stops astonishing me.


Because whenever I learn a new move or I see people dancing all I think is: “wow dancing is cool”

-I heard you loved dancing ever since you were really young.

That is so true. I was born in a family of three sisters and from all of my sisters I was the most overexcited and I was and still am “the dude” of the house. So practically the fact that separately from my sisters, whom I love so much by the way, I was the most exited one it helped me to build an energetic mind-set of my own and my family didn’t hate it. On top of that back when I was a kid we used to live with my grandparents in Abashawul: which is considered to be and I think it is indeed the place where art is gracefully fermented, I mean music, dance, culture… whatever.., Abashawul has it all!

-So your family encouraged you to be more active in your artistic field.

Definitely,my family, the environment I grew up in and the fact that I have unties, uncles and cousins that and artistically active so I had no problems at all.

-Where and when did you make your first official move?

From elementary through out junior at “Mai Tesfa elementary and junior school”.  That is where I nourished my artistic talents we used to be academically so good and at the same time whatever kind of talent one has used to be approved and valued. The teachers there were so respectful they encourage you to be a good student and give you all the confidencethat you would ever need towork on your passion. If there is one thing that I learned in “Mai Tesfa” is to pursue my dreams.

-Did you pursue your dreams?

I did but not all of them. I have much more to achieve, what I got so far is nothing compared to the plans I have in mind.

-What is that you have accomplished so far?

Well, dancing is my profession now. I have a job not only that I love but also dedicate all of my energy and enthusiasm to.

-What about the strategies that you have instated in your mind?

My short term dream is to work really hard on what I am doing right now. And my long term dream is to be a dance teacher and my longer term dream is to open an art school and help young people like me to pursue their dreams and help them strengthen their capacities.

-Could you kindly tell our readers what is “Cua”.

The most amazing place in Asmara, It is simply a place in which my partners and I with the love and help that we get from our mentor Chanchu learn and  practice new moves and dance routines for music videos or for different national or international events. That is where I work, it is my second home; I could spend tons of hours there. Because at the same time as I work on my routines along with the other dancers I feel loved while doing something I truly love.

-So dancing to you is…

Everything, I mean I dance every chance I get with or without music, I honestly have no specific words that I could possibly use to describe the meaning of dance to me. It’s just that I have an immense passion for it.

-Is there anything you want to say before we end our interview?

You know how we just celebrated our liberation anniversary: I want to praise all of my fellow partners’ choreographers and coordinators. I think we did a good job entertaining our viewers. And am pretty much sure we will do much more if we keep the unity we have at the moment for ever.

-So Winta, I had a great time getting to know you today. Wish you all the best.

Thank you!

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