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Southern Red Sea region: the land of Danakils Part VIII

With birds eye view into the Southern Rea Sea region one needs no explanation to witness to what the government of Eritrea is heavily investing in that region.  The newly built heath facilities from that of Dahtum referral hospital to the small clinics, the junior and elementary schools, the fish processing facilities along the coast lines, and boarding schools attest to my argument. And all the health facilities, schools and fish processing plants are new ones explaining by themselves that they were built after independence.


Before the country’s independence the region was highly ignored and forgotten by the successive Ethiopian colonizing regimes. The region was used only as boasting point for them that they own access to the sea. They were after the land and not after the people.

The road that connects Massawa with Assab is one of the prominent testimonies that Eritrea is a country of can do. The terrain that once looked impenetrable and hostile has been penetrated and the journey that used to take more than three days is now reachable with one day drive. The excellence of our construction companies in building enduring and outstanding roads that they proved in building the Serejeka Shebah road has been proved once more in this road. What makes the road spectacular is that it goes alongside the sea and is enjoyable to drive through taking pleasure of the sea breathe all the way.

On the way from Massawa to Assab there are plenty areas of interest worth visiting. Asgoma with its clean shore and white clean sand is a future destination for tourism. The natural habitat of the sea shore with some added infrastructure such as entertainment facilities has the prospect of being one of the attractive tourist destinations in the region and the country. Berasole and the island of Hawa Gudr with their spectacular landscape rich in Mangrove trees and plenty of colorful flamingo birds are eye catching places of attraction. Asgoma besides its clean beach and white sand is a breading place for sea turtles, precious sea animals which are on the verge of extinction in the world.



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