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Southern Red Sea region: the land of Danakils Part IX

Asgoma, located in the northern Dankalia is endowed with stones of different colors that very much attracted for the eye. The stone with red, white, purple and added with the sea and sand colors they give unique image to the area.

Eidi with its plain location, sea breathe that cools the atmosphere is also a historical place. In Eidi we find an ancient Mosque Sherif Ali is believed built in around 1861. The Mosque was built with coral. The Mosque has been recently renovated with an alien material to the original coral and is loosing its originality.

This phenomenon of renovating historical sites with out consulting professionals in the field is dangerous that should be avoided and controlled by all concerned so that history would not be destroyed but passed to posterity.

Miedir, which is nearby Edi, is believed to have been the crossing point of the second batch of the followers of Prophet Mohammed in 1400 from Saudi Arabia to Eritrea. Miedir possesses water wells believed to have been built from 8 to 10th century AD. The remains of ancient house utensils such as water containers (amphora), buried residential houses and other items scattered on the ground are evidences that the inhabitants of the area had commercial links with the people from the other side of the sea, Yemen, and with people as far as present day Somalia.

Norah, a small village on the edge of the Red Sea, half way between Eidi and Tio, is a wonderful place where the regional administration in cooperation with concerned government institutions has a near future plan to make it tourism village. Upon the realization of the plan there is no doubt that the area will attract local and international tourists.

Tio which has ancient history of its own is the first town to have electricity power supply in the region after independence. During the Ethiopian regimes occupation of Eritrea Assab was the only city receiving electricity power supply in the region. The supply, in most cases was confined to selective and privileged areas of the city mostly to the residential areas and offices of the occupation officials.

Nearby Tio are Ras Hafele and Sahel (Dankalia) known for their long and clean beaches and for the existence of large amount of shrimp fish. This type of fish is highly wanted throughout the world and the area has the prospect of becoming fish exporting place.



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