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“I think that our world revolves around numbers”

His name is Gabriel Dawit, he was born in 1990 in Halib-Mentel. He in his words says “the world revolves around numbers”. According to today’s guest even the smallest thing in our daily lives is a matter of technicality of the numbers.  Let’s see why this math genius thinks that numbers are the pivot of our world’s developments.

-Hi and welcome. How good were you at school?

Good enough to be one of the top three. Specially through out junior and high school,  I was studying so hard to score high marks and spend the rest of my time playing around with numbers and discovering the technicalities of math of algebra.

-Are you still a student?

Yes, a fourth year pharmacy student.

-You are a mad fan of algebra…

That is true.  I loved numbers ever since I was young my dad used to run a small shop so I would always help out, I didn’t know that getting money and giving some money back was math but I still loved it. Matter of fact that was the only subject in which I always had good marks. I even formulated some theorems, I want them to be tested and evaluated so I recently sent them to the African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science. I am still waiting anxiously for the response from the head office. Once I get the concrete answers I will publish them, am hoping they would be voluble.

-We hope so too. What is that you want to do afterwards?

Well, that would be a great achievement for me. I would still be discovering more mystery hidden behind the numbers.

-How come you are studying to be a pharmacist and not a mathematician?

To be a mathematician I just need the basic and study on my own, and I do this every single day at my house. I want to know more about the molecular modeling so I need both math and chemistry so that is why I am currently studying pharmacy.

-Is there anything you want to say before we end today’s interview?

Well… I just hope I will get something tangible out of my theorems. Am so looking forward to it, you have no idea how much it will mean to me.

-We truly wish success and good luck too. Thanks for being here with us.

The pleasure is all mine.

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