Business is booming.

Need a vacation?

The most crowded time in Massawa is in the times of the year that the weather is cool and nice. October is one of the best times of the year to have a trip to Massawa. And so is December and January. In these months people like to enjoy their vacation with family or friends outstandingly and they can relax near the beach without feeling dehydrated like you obviously would around July or August.

But contrary on what was the common use a lot of people during this month are going for a nice, long and refreshing vacation to Massawa and the islands.

Although there is unbearable heat during this time, there are various reasons for the flow of tourists: the 27th round for sawa is about to leave. So it is only obvious that they will seek for fun in the best way they can in these last few weeks. More over now that the two events that commemorated our struggle       for independence are over and there isn’t any kind of event for another month or so around Asmara. Schools are closed and people from abroad started coming. Last but not least after this month it will be starting the second most famous wedding season, so I can say without doubt that everyone is rushing towards Massawa.

Why is vacation important for our body and mind?

Every one of us needs a bit of relaxation and stress relief. So apart these people that I have mentioned before, I believe all of us deserve a vacation.

Our mind is a tricky thing that till now it can’t be fully satisfied nor fully understood and yet I think it tries to communicate to us in various ways. When it yelling out for a vacation it plays little but annoying games on you like: you are sitting in front of your computer with tons of work to do but it seems like forever before you get something done, you keep yelling and arguing with people, when it is not hard to fall asleep only four hours after you have woken up. My dear readers I’m sure after a long year of work and school you are all feeling something of this sort so, don’t hesitate pack a few things, don’t think twice and enjoy yourselves for the weekend. Trust me when you come back to work on Monday you will feel completely relax and you will work like you haven’t worked in a very long while. Of course when you are in need of vacation is only logical to go to places where your inner self can connect with nature, because only here you will feel at peace and at home. There is indeed a mixture of natural sight and of legendary buildings. It is like going back in time and live in a city on water with a breathtaking view.  Massawa is the ideal place. It is the place that is full of historical and cultural assets.  Rich of natural resources, it is guaranteed that from the minute you set foot there you will be looking forward to a total relaxation.

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