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Eritrean community members in UK conduct 14th annual festival with patriotic zeal

Eritrean community members in the UK conducted the 14th annual festival last weekend with patriotic zeal.

Asmara, 16 July 2013 – Eritrean community members in the UK conducted the 14th annual festival last weekend with patriotic zeal. The colorful event witnessed the participation of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, members of the British Parliament, religious leaders, representatives of national Associations and organizations, and friends, as well as nationals residing in 11 cities of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Tesfamichael Gerahtu, the Eritrean Ambassador to the UK and Ireland, welcomed the participants of the event, and gave briefings regarding the objective situation in the Homeland vis-à-vis the endeavors being exerted towards furthering development and investment.

Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud, chairman of the community, on his part noted the vitality of such occasion in nurturing and popularizing national and cultural values, and lauded all those who made remarkable contribution in organizing it.

In a seminar he conducted with the participants of the festival, Mr. Osman Saleh explained that the Eritrean government is making substantial investment with major focus on rural areas with a view to ensuring social justice and sustainable economic development, He further pointed out that increased endeavors would be exerted to give added momentum to the nation’s development pace. The minister  further pointed out that the nations is in a stage where its bright future has become progressively evident thanks to the prevailing spirit of steadfastness among citizens against external conspiracies.

Various activities and exhibitions depicting Eritrean culture, history and lifestyle, as well as programs concerning children were staged in the festival, besides the conducting of sports contests and cultural performances by artists residing in the US and Europe.

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