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Commending The Charm in tourist destination Eritrea Part I

During May 2010 one tourist, like many more others, was overly fascinated by the hospitable nature of the Eritrean people. He pledged to the writer that, he would return time and again to enjoy the warm reception of this incredible people.  Needless to mention he said, he would also tell many of his friends to see a jewel in north East Africa, called Eritrea.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

-Jeff Bezos

The tourist under reference in the above would say “indeed there are interesting places for site seeing. However, meeting people of a great character enchants one’s travels to Eritrea. ” Great people comprise a great asset to their country”, he asserted in continuation to his great admiration  
“A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”.

-Chinese Proverb

The extension of a warm and generous reception of the people, characterizes the beauty and image of that particular country.  The exhibition of cool reception in general, and if impolite behaviors are manifested to a noticeable extent, the flow of tourists will not only alarmingly diminish, but it can also come into a complete halt.  “
Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them”.

-Kevin Stirtz

The tourist destination, Eritrea, has people of an admirable character. One can simply observe, in Eritrea, captivating characters full of magnificent integrity and ethics. A visitor can confidently travel all over the country with no fear of any sort of harassment. When a visitor take pleasure in the warm hospitality rendered to him by the host country, it remains sure that the visitor will leave the country with all the loving memory.  This is therefore, the very reason why visitors are anxious to revisit the country several times. In hospitality there is a vivid treasure. It would not be a flattery to say that “Hospitality” is the trade mark of the Eritrean People. Integrity is a priceless asset of an individual. One will be known by ones character. In due course friends and foes alike could not hide what an individual exactly manifests in his/her relations with people. The sum of all individuals’ respectable attitude makes the identity mark of a country. As the saying goes, “Honesty is the Best Policy”. When people come with open arms to give and share from whatever resources, even if it is meager by standard economic parameters, they have, is something to be revered.
“Give what you have to somebody; it may be better than you think.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The self actualization enjoyed by an individual comes from the principles of what one can do to fellow humans. It is quite true to say that giving is much more enjoyable than receiving. It is part of the attitude of highly cultured people to come out with unconditional constructive principles of viewing the people around them.
“If you want to live a long life, focus on making contributions.”

-Han Selye

The principle of integrity embedded in the heart of the Eritrean people drive them to extend a warm reception for any visitor.  It will be quite hard to measure the magnitude of such hospitality.  The only reward one will get is that one will find an honorable place in the heart of the individual who enjoyed excellent treatment from ones host.   Winning one’s respect is an intangible asset that will go for an extended number of years. Eventually the building of goodwill will be cemented, thereby favorably affecting the capital build up of the individual of the business entity.  Commonly the rich may entertain their visitor lavishly. It might happen that a visitor will step foot into the house of where modest belongings catch the sight of the visitor. Surprisingly, however one will find oneself enjoying an unlimited warm hospitality in that very house. The hosts will shine with their charming face that one will find a heart touching entertainment. Those who offer whatever they have are really the people who know the art of “doing good”.  These are the people who enjoy by rendering unreserved services. They therefore do not look back or expect any reciprocation from their guests. The pay back for such generosity is the self esteem that bubbles in the heart of the good doer.  The Eritrean society is replete with such kind of outstanding services to its visitors.  Such is what one will find in the Eritrean society.  Good will is an intangible asset, yet it is a priceless capital that the people of Eritrea have kept it intact for millennium of years. In the modern day adventurism, tourists would rather prefer to observe the culture of the people along with the geographical features of the country; the eco tourism is what gives them much interest. These types of travelers would not be fascinated by five or seven star hotels. They would enjoy any good standard hotel with first class service giving attitude. They would also enjoy camel riding and mountain trekking, skating and kite flying.

While the country basically offers ethically bounded high standard services, on rare coincidences, however, there are some unscrupulous people who may attempt to stain the charm the country has possession of. In the real world delinquent behaviors are present in any society.  Nonetheless a concern should increase when negligence seem to aggravate and adversely affect the good standard of services.  At this juncture it would be incumbent upon the tourism services association to see that there should be a score of excellent services throughout. Efforts have to be taken to introduce standardize the level or services within the association. Moreover rewards have to be conferred to those exemplary service providers. Such measures will render the great name of the country to continue to shine for generations.  It would be obvious therefore to indicate that the main objective will be to keep the captivating charm prevail in a competitive range among the continental region.  

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