Business is booming.

I like to stand for the right of women

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Beilul Kibreab. I was born in 1988 in Arareb.

So you were born in the field?

I lived for tow years and half in Sahel. I came here to Asmara when Eritrea was free. I stared my kindergarten school at Cathedral Kindergarten. I was good through out my elementary and junior high school education.

What about high school?

When I finished ninth grade I went to the US. There I continued my education. And I had good results until I completed high school. I was also able to join University College for I scored high marks.

Did you have vision when you were a kid?

Starting from my early age I used to like helping people. I think that was because I decided to join Medical School. I studied Biology during my first year university education. While studying Biology I had the chance of taking Psychology course. And unconsciously I loved Psychology. And I took Psychology as my major course.

How do you identify the major subject you are fit to carry on?

Some times your inner self tells you. And sometimes, if you have no alternative you carry on with the subject you are taking.

Did you end up your education with first degree?

I have master’s degree. I was also working part time as consultant especially of women in a hospital in Chicago.

What do you mean when you say women’s issues?

There were many women with different problems. You have to listen to their problems and try to advise them.

Why do you have special interest on women?

I like to stand for women’s right. I like to listen to their problems and try to help.

Could we say you are feminist?

I am not. The meaning of feminist is not clearly identified.

What women’s problems do you entertain?

In America the main problem is domestic. Rape, emotional abuse and biting women are the main ones.

Are working here on women’s issues?

I wish I could, but I am working here at the hospital and I entertain both men and women. But I feel glad when more women come to visit me.

Do you have many women customers?

Not many and I don’t know why.

What is your future plan?

I will be back to the US to continue my education for PHD. And after I finish my education I will be back to my country and serve my people.

Good Luck!

Thank you!   

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