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Commending The Charm in tourist destination Eritrea Part II

Entertaining a guest with spectacular reception implies the reverence on how the host feels about ones visitor. Tradition has it that if the guest takes small part of the meal and or drink, the host will not be at ease. The host will be much happier when the guest devours as much as possible much to the expectations of the host. The reception for the respected guest will not be complete without the preparation of the coffee ceremony.  The ceremony will take considerable time. It is then that the intimacy of both the host and the guest will be extensively manifested. In modern day tourist adventures a visitor will enjoy the opportunity of ushering in a modest house with no lavish possessions.  In the Eritrean context people would not in any circumstance attempt any tactical means to squeeze out money from the visitor. One can observe the purity of the heart in the Eritrean Culture. In Eritrea it is common to be received by any of the following words. “tifedel”, merhaba, arhibu, please dispose of the dust of your feet express the warm reception that the host would lovingly and humbly express  to his/her guests.

The uniqueness of mankind in general is further exemplified not by the tangible asset one holds but instead by the intangible assets one can proudly keep up.  This is what one can observe in the Eritrean Society. It is gratifying to note that in general the People are entirely governed by ethics.  People may not realize what a marvelous capital they have, yet it is this charm that makes a country lovable and be well known all over. .

Some petty unacceptable actions such as levying unwarranted price escalations, pilfering, and contemptible deceptions would in most cases tarnish the good image of the people.  Any tourist usually prefers to visit a country where costs are minimal and highly   competitive.

“Customers today want the very most and the very best for the very least amount of money, and on the best terms. Only the individuals and companies that provide absolutely excellent products and services at absolutely excellent prices will survive.”

-Brian Tracy

However one would dream to visit a country where he can find warm hospitality and absolute relaxation considering the expenses as a second priority.  It will be embarrassing for the tourist to experience an unscrupulous price build up levied by all services giving organizations involved in the hospitality industry.  This is not so common within the Eritrean society but we could not say that it absolutely does not exist.  In our contemporary era the world has turned into a small village intertwined in the internet web. Almost all tourists will put an account of their experience of their adventure  in their face book  making it easy for any interested person to read and enrich his/her know-how about a particular country without even visiting it. What a tourist would narrate is not mostly about the geographical beauty of the country but more on the charm of the people. The image of every service provider in particular and that of the people in general matters for the country. It is a unified effort and it should be emphasized that it is inestimable capital

Eritrea is rich in countless geographical and archaeological sites to offer for any visiting tourist. But this would not be complete without the type of service of the people in general and the service provider in particular. An excellent service would remain indelibly stamped on the mind of the service seeker. It will always remain a loving memory.

One of the fundamental objectives of the Eritrean Tourism Services Association is to ensure that a Quality service is always provided to all service seekers. In all sectors a subcommittee or rather an ombudsman would have to be formed to monitor organizations on how they carry out their respective services.

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

-Albert Schweitzer

Service giving is a highly sensitive issue that could not let it be overlooked by any government, public or private organization. Service giving is a multifaceted activity that should necessarily remain an ethical and integral duty of the sons and daughters of the country. Keeping up the image sparkling would remain essential to promote excellent and sustainable services. The final strategy is to keep up the glorious charm in the Eritrean Tourism industry, a valuable capital that will continue to provide prosperity for the many generations to come.  

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