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“I can’t get enough of education”

His name is Adam Menghisteab born in 1989 in Asmara; ever since his first day at school he was eager to gain more knowledge. Having a vast amount of knowledge can lead one to success but does knowledge have an end? Or a point in which we can say that we know enough? Let’s see what this young man has to say about this. -Still a student?

I just graduated from Halhale College of Business and Economics.

-I heard that you are the very first one that graduated with great distinction from the college.

That is true, but that is not because the students of the college are not good, it is because my batch is the second round of graduates and luckily enough I get the highest mark.

-How so?

I worked really hard, and the college is full of hard working students so there is a lot of competition between us, and this particular aspect pushes every and each of us to work hard. I had a lot of sleepless nights to  get there.

-Would you please share your studying method with our readers?

With pleasure… so, I think that most importantly one has to have a goal or an aim. If one has a burning desire or a clear vision to reach a point then that’s all the energy needed to boost the confidence and ambition one has to have to reach that target.   There was a saying that I have written on my room’s wall: “Forget about what you like and dislike, just do what should be done, this may not be happiness but it is greatness”. It means a lot to me.

-Were you a good student from the very beginning?

As a kid every new thing I learned used to amaze me a lot, so I’ve always wanted to know more. As a matter of fact, I always felt like I had to update my knowledge therefore I used to read massively, follow the news on TV and since we live in a world of information I would do whatever to catch up on the most latest information of any kind.

-Do you think that there is an end to knowledge?

Absolutely not, I mean if one says that he or she has enough knowledge to lead a happy life with what they know it’s perfectly fine, but in a world where things are being invented and discovered in a matter of a short time… one’s knowledge can never ever be enough. We have the liberty of learning and knowing as much as we want so I think we should keep the same dynamicity as our world’s technology. It is personal choice at the end of the day.

-Do you have any plans for the future? Carrier wise for example…

Ohm… not really for the time being I am going to work with what I have learned so far. But I guess I am going to seek for opportunities to study more.

-Well, Adam thanks for being here with us and we wish you success.

The pleasure is all mine!

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