Business is booming.

“I know we will verify a great deal of growth very soon in the fashion industry.”


“Aini fashion”, is quite of a famous name in the fashion line of Eritrea and especially in Asmara. We for today will have an interview with the designer Luul better known for his nick name “Aini”, and discuss the undergoing of today’s fashion. -Well come to this week’s Q and A section.

Thanks for having me.

-We are going to discuss today’s fashion line of Asmara but first I’d like to know what fashion is to you as designer.

Well, to make it simple I would define it as a collection of different life styles. As in a gathering of different dressing codes that reflect different life styles: weather it is traditional or modern or whatever dressing manner.

-How is the dressing code in Asmara?

Since the residents of Asmara have a middle class vibe: the dressing code in here is elegant and stylish. I have noticed that people respect the dressing code according to the weather, time if the day or if there are special occasions and so on.

-What about the traditional dressing line?

For a very long time it seemed as it was reserved to women above their forties and something reserved for special events such as: wedding or gatherings of different nature. But lately as the designers and tailors have been introducing new styles of traditional clothing by updating the original details it seems like the fame of traditional dressing is getting higher by the day.

-I’d like to know the reason of why the traditional clothing was reserved to elderly and not the youth?

Because one of the many details that young people look forward in their clothing styles is “comfortableness”: and our traditional dresses are elegant and require a lot of attention and we also have different clothing etiquettes that we need to respect in wearing them.

-Ok, what would you say about the current Asmara’s fashion sensation?

Now we are getting more interested in the taste of young people. It is always exiting to discover the youth’s wishes: studying what they want and what they would appreciate and according to it producing goods that will appeal their attention is what we are doing currently. Matter of fact the markets are really growing in this sense, I know we will verify a great deal of growth very soon in the fashion industry.

-Thanks for being with us.

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