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50 women in Dirfo Administrative area attend Adult Education Program

50 women in Dirfo Administrative area attend Adult Education Program

Asmara, 16 August 2013 – A total of 50 women in Dirfo Administrative area who have been attending Adult Education Program have completed Grade 4.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mr. Gezae Haile from the Ministry’s sub-zonal branch pointed out that the Program which was launched in the year 2000 has gained momentum in the area, and lauded the enthusiasm of the students.

Similarly, Mr. Hizkias Wuhbet, Administrator of Akria area, called on the women to play exemplary role to this end, and disclosed that the Elementary school in Dirfo would be upgraded to junior level. He also called for enhanced parental role in connection with educational outreach.

Ms. Halima Mohammed, head of the Education Ministry’s branch in the Central region, pointed out on his part that enhanced endeavors were exerted towards furthering the impact of the program in remote areas, and that additional efforts need to be made with a view to raising men’s participation in the program. She also stated that moreintegrated work with parents is necessary for enhancing Junior education in the area.

The participants of Dirfo area voiced readiness to make effective utilization of the available social service facilities.

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