Business is booming.

“I feel confidence when I am working with computer”

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Kibrom Gebreab. I was born in 1978 in Debraruwa sub-zone. I lost my eyes in 1984 due to measles.

Where did you take your education?

I was lucky my uncle was working as a guard at Abrha Bahta School for the Blind. He conviced my my father and he took me there, they accepted me and I started schooling in 1985.

What do you remember about that?


I was very active. It took me no time to assimilate myself with the students in the school. I had good time there.

How was living in the school?

It was like we were living with our parents. The students were like your brothers and sister and the teachers and the staff like your parents.

What grade did you finish at the Abraha Bahta School?

Untill I finish grade 3 I was not brilliant students, but in grade 4 I was award winner.


According to the regulation of the school I learned there until grade 5 and later I joined Natsinet Juniour high school in 1992.

What was the difference of the two schools?

They were different. Here you learn with normal student. They see and read what the teacher writes on the blackboard. That was very challenging.

What about your high school education?

I took my high school education, until grade 11, at Red Sea High School. As visually impaired student I had challenges. But with all the challenges I was standing first from my class.

How was your National School Leaving Exam result?

It was 3.2.

What did you do later?

I joined Asmara University. I studied History and graduated with that.

You are the first person to innovate a computer that reads Tigrigna language. What motivates you do that?

I used to feel jealous reading disabled creating big things. Helen Keller was my role model. There are a lot disabled great men and women that inspired me.

How did come to create that particular computer of yours?

I brows different web-sites like Inclusive, Freedom and others, and I collect information.

How far this computer will help the visually impaired people?

Until I invent this computer no visually impaired person could read and write in Tigrigna. But now they do.

What feed back do you have?

A lot. There are many who are editing books. There are also many engaged in different activities with such computer.

So you feel proud for contributing for your fellow citizens such an amazing thing?

I do.

Have a good luck.

Thank you.

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