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The Soviet Union and Its World Influence Part XV

Kuwait has stood on the side of the just struggle of the Eritrean people for a long time. It has consistently raised the Eritrean issue in the U.N and other forums. Kuwait’s leaders have also made continual endeavors for a peaceful solution of the Eritrean case and have provided humanitarian aid. The EPLF appraise highly Kuwait’s role and stand, supports its peace initiative, and strives to develop and consolidate the relationship. The United Arab Emirates supports the just cause of the Eritrean people and played a major role by giving financial aid to the Eritrean revolution. It also had showninterest and good will to assist in uniting Eritrean organization.

Syria stood on the side of the Eritrean revolution for a long time. Its position on the EPLF improved after the EPLF’s first organizational congress. Syria had allowed the EPLF to set up an office in Damascus, facilitated contact with Arab movements and generally played a positive role.

Iraqi-EPLF relation had not improved over the years despite the existence of an active EPLF office in Baghdad. Iraq supported a diminutive group which claims to be Baathist. Nevertheless, the EPLF values highly Iraqis consistent support for the just struggle of the Eritrean people for self determination.

Algeria was expected to play an active role regarding Eritrea to provide support which had no active role. But the EPLF had an office in Algiers.

In addition to its relation with individual countries, the EPLF had also worked to; gain the morale and political support of the“Arab League”. In 1981, the league activated its role in support of the Eritrean struggle and attempted to unite, Eritrean organizations. The attempt failed. Since then, the League, whose influence on member states was limited, had not pressed the Eritrean case.

Africa was another important area. Haile Selassie’s claimed that Eritrea is an integral part of Ethiopia and his misrepresentation of the Eritrean struggle as Arab instigated had a negative impact on Africa. Yet many attempts have been made to include the Eritrean case in the O.A.U agenda. These were not successful because the Dergue resorted to the deceptive tricks that had worked so well for HaileSeassie, and the O.A.U, already weak, had been afraid of the impact that raising the Eritrean question may have on the organization. On several occasions, the EPLF sent delegation to many African countries to explain its cause and seek support. Although the result was positive, the efforts were not continued and expanded. Indeed effective diplomatic and political work was not done in Africa.

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