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The Soviet Union and Its World Influence Part X

In the past few years, and especially during and since the drought, interest on the Eritrea case has grown significantly in Western Europe, North America, in particular Canada, and Australia. The contribution of active Eritrean support-committees in many countries, the supportive stand of the European Parliament, the support of the socialist international, the sympathy shown by Scandinavian countries particularly Norway, the support of the British Labor Party, the French socialist party and many trade union organizations, the repeated discussion of the Eritrean case in the German, Danish, Dutch and Italian Parliaments can be cited as examples. Thanks to the role of journalists, non government organizations, support committees, representatives of different parties and governments as well as individual sympathizers, substantial sectors of the people of Eritrea and their struggle. An array of different types of groups, organizations, parties had gone beyond providing emergency relief aid, and was seeking fundamental solution to the problems of drought and war. These groups took serious measures in search of a peaceful solution of the Eritrean case. The EPLF encouraged and cooperated with those to help in the success of their efforts. In the United Nations, the EPLF continued to present appeals and memorandums. Similar steps have been taken during conferences of the Non-aligned Movement and Islamic Conference Organization. But this work yielded little results unless it is supplemented by grass root proselytizing and the hostile stand of the influential superpowers remained a problem. Nevertheless, the EPLF did not tire from the necessary task.

To sum up the EPLF with stood large-scale offensives of the colonial regime, showed tangible development in different fields, proved that the military solution sought by the Derguewas impossible, and in the process earned admiration, sympathy and interest at the regional and international levels. Subsequently the Eritrean revolution found itself in a better and-stronger position.

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