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“Translating one of Sydney Sheldon’s books was a true inspiration”

Morning, Noon & Night: A power revered by presidents and kings, a fortune unsurpassed by few people on earth: all that ended for Harry Stanford the day he mysteriously-and fatally-plunged from his luxury yacht into the Mediterranean Sea. Then, back home in Boston, as the family gathers to grieve for his memory and to war over his legacy, a stunningly beautiful young woman appears. She claims to be Stanford’s long-lost daughter and entitled to her share of his estate. Now, flaming with intrigue and passion through the glamorous preserves of the world’s super rich, the ultimate game of wits begins, for stakes too dazzling and deadly to imagine. It is a book that took by storm many Eritrean readers of different ages. Let’s meet today whom translated one of the most loved books among the youth of our country.

-Well come. Mind if you tell us a bit about yourself?


My name is Tedros Abay, I was born in 1986 in Asmara but then my family and I moved to Ethiopia when I was barely two years old. So, I spent my early childhood in Addis Ababa.  After independence of our country we moved back here and I started my junior classes in Asmara. I went to Sawa with the 18th round, participated in the national high school matriculation and since I got some elevated marks I am now a fourth year medicine student at Asmara Orota Medical School.

-You read a lot of books don’t you?

I certainly do. A lot of them actually… ever since I started identifying some letters and words. Fiction books are my passion but generally I read whatever I can possibly find. And in Sawa I started translating the books that would impress me the most for my mother, reading it in Tigrigna would make a lot easier for her. Honestly even though I would start translating every book I find astonishing I usually would never bring any to an end.

-Why is that?

I don’t know…  I start translating and then at a point I stop.

-Ok, but you did finish one and you even published it right?

It is not the only one, it is the only one I published but there aresome that haven’t left my room’s desk.

-Tell us about this particular book.

Morning, Noon & Night?

-Yes, that one.

Well, first of all: Sydney Sheldon is massively famous amongst the readers of our localities. He is totally huge and I guess he is one of the writers that are really famous in Eritrea, followed by Agatha Christe. But this is just my guess I don’t know the exact statics but… anyways, that book is one of the best that I’ve read so far. When I finished in fact I was determined to share it with a larger circle of readers and the only way to do so would be translating it in Tigrigna so I did. For me as writer: translating one of Sydney Sheldon’s books was a true inspiration.

-Did you feel like you have reached your aim after you have published it?

Wow, it actually went over my expectations. Matter of fact that was the instant in which I thought to myself that Sheldon is way beyond known amongst us!

-Any future plans? Are you going to stick with the medicine thing or you’ll be a famous writer?

I could be both!

-Yeah, why not!

Jokes apart though, my first aim is to finish my studies. That is my ultimate goal. But since I like this whole translating and writing thing, I think I will stick to it as a secondary thing but I will make sure that in the near future I will manage both of the activities at the same time. For now though, there will be a new translated book… coming out in a matter of few weeks.

-Can we talk about it?

I would like to keep it a surprise to my readers.

-Ok, well good luck!


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