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Eritrea: An Icon of Social Harmony

Following the official opening of the Eritrean National Festival in the morning hours of August 17, 2013, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims swarmed the city of Dekemhare to enjoy a magnificent holiday season with the cultural and artistic presentations showcased to highlight the event.

There is one fact that defines Eritrea and its people at events such as the festival as well as national gatherings organized by Eritreans residing within the country and abroad; including public and religious holidays. These social gatherings testify that Eritrea is an icon of social unity and the people live up to demonstrating reverence in cultural diversity, while they march together towards a prosperous future. The greatest benefit from such events is yet; the influence they have in abridging the generation gap among the old and the young nationals as well as handing over cultural heritages to bring about a civilized national culture.

Owing to the fact that a solid national unity and civilized political culture was forged during the war for independence, the people of Eritrea is now blessed with an exceptional social harmony unlike many other nations in the world. Indeed, Eritrea is a country that could be cited as a nation of unparalleled tranquility compared to the countries in the region or the reality in other corners of the world. Hitherto, we might consider these noble national resources as given, because humans by nature always consider what they have at hand as easy earned. Hence, it is when they see what they have from another point of reference they realize the qualities they have. As is well manifested, many countries these days live in a quagmire of political turmoil and chaos. Daily news broadcasts from all around the world cover stories pertaining tribal, racial, religious and other conflicts. Countries in various corners of the world including those that brag of sophisticated intelligence organizations and technology have become cesspool of crimes related with homicide, rape, robbery as well as various assaults. These days, it is hard to find countries such as Eritrea where people could go without the slightest timidity; be it during day time or night.

Thus, if there is anything the current world affairs remind us, it is the quality of culture and social harmony we have and the efforts we need to harness to protect and preserve these values. The Eritreans festival which was born during the struggle for independence is therefore an event which needs to be boosted every year as it is a ground for highlighting our unity in diversity as well as the social harmony.

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