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September one: The Birth of a significant Historical Stage

Sunday September 1, 2013 is the 52nd anniversary since the Eritrean struggle for independence began. When the peaceful political struggle for self determination of the people of Eritrea from 1940s and 50s fell on deaf ears, September 1, 1961 was the day that opened a significant historical chapter of an armed struggle for self determination.

Although September one triggered the only option of the Eritrean people for self determination, its beginning was way premature in its nature. After a while of experience however, especially with the birth of the EPLF leadership and the adoption of an ideology that put forth Eritrean nationalism and social justice, it turned out to be one of the most civilized independence movements in the world.

In its 30 years of armed struggle for self determination against both the western and eastern superpowers, the people of Eritrea was able to nurture a social justice based golden values. Besides, the Eritrean revolutionary struggle was able to create a popular state of mind which values a sense of Eritreanism that centers religious, tribal, gender, lingual and cultural equality and social harmony. Hence, it is such national values that enabled the Eritrean people to stand triumphant over the struggle waged by super-powers and heralded justice from the rubbles of colonialism to its summit.  The people of Eritrea therefore accepted these values as its culture and paid heavy prices to achieve its right for self determination.

Not only has the values acquired during the long years of revolutionary struggle rendered independence, but it also has been passed on to the young generation to build a new and independent Eritrea based on those values. By far, the multi-faceted economic and social growths registered in Eritrea over the few years of independence are attributed to the national values registered over the years of the revolutionary struggle.

Accordingly, this event should be a day where we renew our pledge towards preserving our national culture which renders the source of our secret power, fortitude and national history. Victory to the gallant people of Eritrea!

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