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“My inspiration is the child artist in me”

Meron Zecharias is a young passionate artist aged 25. At the same time he is an outstanding fifth year computer engineer. To date Meron has participated in more than four group exhibitions in addition to three awards to his name. In February 2008, he held his first solo exhibition at the “Casa Degli Italiani”, entitled “Dream Meets Determination”. Twenty three paintings that reflect the beauty in nature. Let us see what is the real meaning of the concept of “true artistic beauty” according to Meron’s points of view. -When did your artistic journey start exactly? Is there a peculiar moment that you recall?

I remember falling in love with art while still in elementary school. I was about 11 and freshly enthusiastic member of my school’s art club. Around that time, I got a chance to enroll to the Asmara School of fine Arts where I learned that art was more than the colors and lines that are blended on a canvas. I got to sense art as a mixture of feelings and ideas expressed with colors. Ever since then combining colors and assembling them in to a canvas has been something related to my daily life since then. I believe tints, shades or whatever that has to do anything with colors are vital to my paintings as they helped me create depth and harmony with in my productions.

-And your inspirations?

I have heard quite so often many artists talking about art as an inheritance, as in the talent they have:  in my own personal case there are no history of painters in my family. I suppose I can say that I was born an artist. It is not a show off trust me. As a young child, I sued to play with crayons and colors just like any other ordinary kid would do. Picasso once said that in every child there is a great subconscious artist. If you have observed a child has a passion for drawing with crayons, paint or pencil. This passion of experimenting with colors might fade later as we grow up and discover many more other form of desires. But I fell more in to the amazement of art as I grew up and my passion for it began to glow by the day. So in a way my inspiration is the child artist in me.

-You are also a great computer engineer, how do you manage to combine the two?

I love art and I respect education. That is it, for me education is a path that takes me all the way to knowing the meaning and purpose of life. Whilst painting is subjective and deals with a collection of hues painted in a piece, but in another way computer engineering too just like many other educations is a form of art because trough any kind of education thoughts have to be somehow expressed and reach the aim they set. So generally, art too seen as part of education together with other educational forms are to me a vast metropolitan media trough which thoughts find their manifestations.

-So, what you saying is that to you both painting and computer engineering are somehow connected.

Exactly, I believe that my artistic talents extend to my professional ability and creativity. Because I think that art exists in almost all our day to day activities. For instance: there is art of leadership, speech, cooking, dressing and so on.

-What would art mean to you in two words?

Ohm… “Simplicity” and “Creativity”. Creativity is the outcome of ideas and those ideas they could be the most simplest in the whole wide world but when interconnected with the creative capacity one possess we could see the creation of something amazing out of minimalism.

-I heard you usually don’t give a title to many of your works. Why is that?

Simply because I don’t want to put a limitation to the flow of thoughts of my spectators, sometimes I even get to have a different flow of thoughts as I go back and see an old painting of mine. I just strongly believe that art is not a fixed thing and neither would I ever be able to find a determined definition to artistic works, I would just simply have my opinions but not real or fixed definitions to any kind of artistic customs.  Art has no boundaries after all!

-Mind if you share with us some of your future plans?

Well, am hoping to have another solo exhibition very soon. Plus, I have an arrangement to pursue further studies which I can integrate both my talent and profession. Maybe I’ll even study Bioinformatics.

-Well, we truly wish you good luck with your future plans. Thank you for being here with us today.

Thank you for having me, it is all my pleasure!

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