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Dream of a reality

As garments of a highly recognized design company, we as human beings are very different among each other. We are different from every aspect on the outside all the way to the depth of our hearts. We are single handedly crafted and created by someone above us and above every power we can imagine. We were created using a perfected series of techniques and we all have specific individual characteristic that varies from person to person.

This is the reason why our desires, as well as our wishes and dreams can never be alike.

Ever since we were kids we had the ability to open up our minds beyond the borders of reality and social obligations. We are able to escape and live in a world that is far from the reality. At that time we thought that we can do whatever we desire. In a way the ideology is a bit contradictory, one side of the immense imagination while on the other side as kids our world is quite small. For kids only the existence of the parents could be enough to create a whole universe. The amazing part of both sides though is the fact that until we grow up the universe revolves around us and not the other way around. Events or things that a grownup would complain about, the kid laughs at and enjoys it. Like when the power goes off or it starts raining: we know how we all feel except the kid is quite excited to play and run around. In time things change and they get closer to reality. As we can imagine this does not happen overnight but it takes quite some time and it is a slow process.  The pure imagination starts having aspects of reality. In the end the fantasy world disappears completely. No more magic world or nor extraterrestrial things. In time you get to go outside, go to school, meet new people that entire have an impact on making you realize that there is no co-existence between reality and fantasy. For most people this is the time in which they completely give up on their dreams and give up on any kind of happiness. They choose a stable but safe life rather than the one full of adventures. Time passes and many lives become passive, this is a waste of time. Regardless the daily obligations and responsibility we have the right to dream big. It just has to do with reality. We can dream of anything as long as it doesn’t include a magic wand. Just like our body needs food, our mind needs adventures and new things.

Just like you wake up from a dream in the morning, when you grow up you give up your childhood dream. But nevertheless this doesn’t mean you give up on your dream, it is just as you changed from wanting to be a magician, to astronaut, to doctor and once again you will have a new idea and this is not scary nor bad. On the contrary it could be so beautiful to dream of something you can actually achieve. Dream of a family, of a life changing love, of a carrier that can help others, charity, anything that in the end of the day will satisfy you and will give you a clear conscious. So change is good we should always look forward to what might destiny bring us. Never let the rough borders of this beautiful life stop us.

The world is the ultimate work of art ever made in time, but like any works of art you should be able to read it, understand it, study it, and obviously love it, cherish it and be satisfied with it.

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