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Ministerial Cabinet conducts more deliberations

In continuation of its meeting held yesterday at the State House, the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers conducted more deliberations today.

Asmara, 02 October 2013 – In continuation of its meeting held yesterday at the State House, the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers conducted more deliberations today.

In the course of today’s discussion, the Ministerial Cabinet dealt with the issues of land, water and environment, and assessed the three-quarterly work accomplishments in connection with the sectors. The meeting held discussion pertaining to the implementation of the Land Proclamation, the allotting of land plots, projects concerning prevention of land erosion and enrichment of underground water resource, prevention of environmental degradation, development of enclosure management system, potable water supply, land use, as well as corrective mechanisms regarding illicit land sale, among others.

In its discussion concerning national development programs, the meeting scrutinized the modalities governing relations of partnership at international level vis-à-vis the framework for mutual understanding with partners. Accordingly, it was spelt out that the national development programs remain under the ownership of the State, and that the international cooperation programs should be implemented in line with the integrated national development plan. In this connection, the Ministerial Cabinet agreed that stepped-up efforts need to be undertaken to expand the scope of development cooperation programs with partners.

Pertaining to the health sector, the meeting assessed the accomplishments registered over the past 9 months regarding development and integration of information system for health institutions, promoting outreach of medical services, enhancement of service quality, development of diagnostic technology, control of communicable diseases, furthering child and mother health care, human resource development. It also exchanged views concerning the action programs charted with a view to reinforcing such endeavors.

In the same vein, the Cabinet of Ministers assessed the endeavors exerted at national level towards promoting educational outreach and upgrading the standards thereof, and discussed sectorial schemes for the year 2014. The educational plans thus drawn up encompass the putting in place and renovation of institutions, follow-up and control of educational activities, supplies and introduction of modern educational information system, curriculum development, publication of learning books, in addition to training.

In the domains of Labor and Human Welfare, the meeting reviewed work accomplishments in connection with direct support for disadvantaged citizens, the training programs organized to this end, and the support rendered to disabled nationals as well as families of martyrs. It also conducted discussion focusing on the efforts made to promote employment process, reviewing employment regulations and the like.

In the closing phase of the 2-day meeting, President Isaias gave directives as regards the finalization of the annual work programs on the basis of supplementing them with the ideas put forth in the course of the meeting, concretizing budget proposals and spelling out more elements of integration, coupled with the drawing of the required reference document.

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