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“Reading is the source of knowledge”

We are going to meet today a young and well respected teacher; he caught our attention as many young students kept admiring his teaching methods and his personality, every day he reminds his students a key ingredient to their success… reading.

What should we know about your self?

My name is Moses Tewolde. I was born in 1978 in Asmara. I have been a very hard working student ever since I was very young, that is of course with the help of my parents: I came from a very highly educated family as my dad was a teacher in the university and my mother had a first B.A degree in accounting and she worked in different fields with the profession she has. Thanks to them I understood the importance of education sine junior. In 2007 I got masters in linguistics from the University of Asmara. At this very moment I am working at the department of English in the Eritrean College of Education… I love my position because I am a big fan of literature and specifically the English one.

-What about your students?

My students… I am proud of the majority of them. English is now a very commonly spoken language especially among the latest generation. That is because our children and youngsters have exposer to the outside world through different media outlets. Technology has gotten the world to be a small yet very advanced village. Just like any other youth in the world union ours have very well adopted the outcomes of technology one of its many good side is the use of English. They are very confident when it comes to this language where ever they go they should confidently communicate. Every time before I start teaching I remind my students that they should be masters of communication in order to have a smooth life based on compromises.

-What is that you like about literature?

It is a mirror of the evolution. I think of it as a reflection of the human mind, any form of art has a mind-set embodied in its components. Every literary movement has a message to convey, conventions to be criticized and so on… romantic poets for example wanted to bring out the “Sublime Beauty” of nature and in connection with their inner soul, they wanted to stop the classic visualization of the classics which dealt more with the superficial appearance and perfection.

-You always tell your students to be good readers…

Indeed, I very well do. I want them to know the importance of reading… because reading is the source of every knowledge. It could also be a form of entertainment and relaxation. If one reads naturally has the ability of speaking and exposing his or her thought verbally or in writen. So I suggest it to my students as a healthy ingredient to a better life standard and a well effective state of mind. I usually present my own experience as an example… they seem to like it!

-So many people are anxiously waiting for the publishing of your books. Can you tell us a bit about the books that you are about to publish?

With pleasure, I am publishing four books at the same time. Two of them are educational books regarding the English grammar whilst the other two are fictional: one is the translation of Paolo Coelho’s followed by a general learning about psychology: what it is and how it started and many more features about this topic.

-We wish you all the best of luck. Thank you for being here with us.

The pleasure is all mine!

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