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World Teachers Day marked at national level in Barentu city

World Teachers Day was marked last Saturday at national level in Barentu city.

Barentu, 08 October 2013 – World Teachers Day was marked last Saturday at national level in Barentu city.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Isaac Woldegiorgis, Chairman of the Eritrean Teachers Association, outlined its accomplishments over the past years, and indicated that the Day was being commemorated nationally outside Asmara for the second time. He further pointed out that gratifying outcome has been registered as regards promoting educational outreach and nurturing teachers, with the need for exerting more efforts towards advancing educational excellence. Mr. Isaac stated that the Association would enhance integrated efforts to this end, and called on teachers to keep intact the values of their career, besides encouraging exemplary role among them.

Also speaking during the event, Mr. Petros Hailemariam, head of research and human resource development in the Ministry of Education, noted the vitality of educational standard and productive human capacity in national development. He further called on the Association to play leading role as regards raising teachers’ competence. He also lauded the regional Administrations for supporting teachers in various ways.

The Administrator of Gash-Barka, Mr. Mohammed Hamd, expressed appreciation for the commitment teachers have been demonstrating in their career, and said that the Administration would sustain its collaboration with them.

Mr. Rezene Adonai and Mr. Abdu Saleh, heads of the PFDJ and NCEW branch offices in Gas-Barka region respectively, delivered solidarity messages on the occasion.

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