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Missing someone: the biggest heartache

When God created us humans he made us different from the rest of the animals. He gave us reason, a mind with which we can think, create, solve, and understand.

With this gift came the ability to magnify aspects that for the rest of the creatures are just facts of life.

And of course differently from any creatures our emotions are mainly magnified. Emotions as we already know have a great role in our lives; they give us a purpose in life. One lives so he/she can be happy and satisfied. The 1st one, from the simplicity of the word might seem like an easy objective to obtain, but you don’t need me to tell you seems is the key word in this theory. As happiness is the ultimate objective, gaining it is as hard as walking on a thin cord. Might work for a short while but obviously you will go off balance several times. Nevertheless you should try to go back on it relentlessly without losing hope. Because giving up to the cord means giving up on life itself.

And no soul  on earth can deal with that.

Many things might throw you off this cord. Things like failure, heartbreaks, disappointments, anger, fear, tire and above all parting from your loved ones.

To separate from someone that is dear to your heart might be one of the few things that give you heartache.

But in this cruel world that we live in separation is inevitable. But regardless of how many times we go through a similar heartbreaking experience it never gets easier, but on the contrary the feeling is always new, and it always hurts more like a hit on a bruise or a new cavity on a wound.

At that specific moment you are saying your goodbyes and you turn around there is no soul that wouldn’t rather go blind than witness those dear to your heart leave. There isn’t a single person that doesn’t keep bottled up the inner child within us from crying and holding on to those who are leaving. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t wish for time to stop, rewind to the good times and just freeze there.

People react differently to separation, some might tear up without been able to hide your true feelings and some might just pretend to be ok. The worst separation of all is in those times when you don’t actually get to say your goodbyes. When only God knows if and when you will see this person, and there were so many things, or a few but yet important things you wanted to say and you never got to.

Fighting with time and the world you can’t get anywhere, but you can work around it for your sake and the sake of others.

Like the storm can kill the flower and not the seed. The world might be able to give us hard choices, you will have  to leave home, you will greatly miss those you love, some days you might wake up with no will to carry on but let it never affect the caring and the love you have got for one another, because after all that is all we have got.

Missing someone is not a weakness but a reminder that we have a heart. Whatever might happen, and how things might turn up we are reminded from time to time we are still in a way innocent and we are still the humble human beings we were when God created us. 

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