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Smile now and smile more every day

It is a simple and natural act but saves our day from to the blues. It is when the corner of your mouth turns up, and when your cheeks come out round and lifted with a brush of a blush, your eyes wrinkle or disappear and your dimples come out (if you have one);we find our self-shining without making any effort.

This natural phenomenon tells the world that you are happy and satisfied with what you have; a smile!! Some smiles are so unforgettable; it might have just taken a moment but the memory of it to the other person lasts as long as he lives. Yet a smile can never be bought or stolen. And if somehow we tried to, it would not even look real. In fact, most of us hate the appearances of a smile that takes effort or which is too perfect. Smiling is something that is understood by everyone despite the difference in culture, age, race or religion. So many studies have shown that smiling really does make some one more attractive and likable. It’s a natural gift and we all need to cherish it.

Smiling usually shows our love, respect, patience, and hospitality toward others. However, peoples’ perception about smile varies across societies.

Some say, there are apparently some cultures that actually perceive smiling as a negative expression and consider it unwelcoming. Here too much smiling can be viewed as a sign of shallowness and dishonesty. The Japanese for instance are said to smile when they are confused or angry. In other parts of Asia, people may smile when they are embarrassed, or their smile is reserved for close friends and family members only. In Southeast Asian cultures, a smile is frequently used to cover emotional pain or disgrace. Many people in Russia consider smiling at strangers to be unusual and a very suspicious behavior. And the Vietnamese people may tell the saddest story of how a family member died or left the country and end their story with a smile.

A number of experts sort that smiling may not only bean outward expression of a happy feeling but it may actually be able to cause us a happy feeling. It means you can just turn off every bad feeling by just trying to shade a smile.

Despite this fact, we don’t smile more often. Many of us are too bored or too tired to give a smile, it  could be good if we could make a little effort; for a smile doesn’t cost anything but can make a lot of difference for someone else’s day. You must have encountered this many times: you are having a low mood day and you meet someone who happen to smile at you with gratitude, and you end up smiling for no reason. That smile can lift up your mood without you noticing it. And of course there are those fake smiles. Fake smiles involve only the mouth, while real smiles— Duchenneas they are called by psychologists—reach up to the eyes. More often the smile that’s coming out with a lot of effort is obvious that it’s fake.  You may notice this fake smile in people who receive constant attention like politicians and the superstars who wave at us with a smile that never changes color; no matter how hard they try, we can notice the dullness beneath that smile; unfortunately for them, smiling is a job.

The truth is it’s not hard at all for anyone to detect a fake smile. All smiles do not come from a happy feeling, in some cases it could be out of nervousness too. When you are trapped in an awkward situation, smile can be your only way out. At times fake smiles can be a way out. We might be having a terrible day and struggling not to take out our frustration on someone else. A smile can be our rescue.

Smiling make us more charming and more approachable by others. We all know that and we try so hard to perfect our smile. How many times have we found ourselves facing the mirror, figuring out which smile looks great on us and remind our self “that’s the smile I should use”? But the beautiful thing is, no matter how someone thinks he/ she has an ugly smile; there is no one who looks ugly with a free and natural smile. When your smiling never fades, you have a great force of attraction; things around you glow and you will never run short of a companion. The friend you choose to spend most of your time with the person you run to when  expressed, the café that we frequent most and the idols we idolize as teachers of peace and love, they are those gifted with an endless smile. So let’s smile together and let our day shine bright. If a smile cannot still be coaxed out of you then consider this: people who smile more may live longer. So smile for longevity!

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