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“The immensity of art has in time retained a wide range”

-Before we go any further, you might as well introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Filmon G/Weld; I was born in 1991 in Asmara. I had every amazing childhood and in 2009 I went to Sawa after wards I have been enrolled in Eritrean Central Police headquarters. I am now an artist.

-How did this whole painting thing started for you?

Ever since elementary I used to participate in whatever artistic competition the school would organize. And somehow I found out my talent and I had an amazing teacher that encouraged me in reinforcing my artistic capability.

-When did you paint your first official painting?

The first painting that made me realize the talent hidden in me was when I was 18. There was a competition organized by the Red Cross, the theme of the day was “clean environment for better life standard”. I used watered colors in enhancing the painting.

-Do you have an educational ground that you base your profession on?

I do. Starting from 2005 to 2008 I took courses on fine arts and I took a diploma for it. Later on in 2010 I took courses regarding engraving and etching. Honestly in time I understood that talent is important but in a world where the immensity of art has in time retained a wide range; talent alone cannot get one far. I studied the theoretical part of art with interest and I practiced everything I learned: applying different theories, concepts and systems helped me gain a lot of knowledge. So having an educational background in which I could base my passion was what made me an artist.

-Your latest exhibition was a hit…

It was totally out of my expectations! The theme was “Culture in Time”. Basically what I tried to present was the evolution of culture in the ratio of time. It is amazing how little simple things in time get to part of a culture of a certain entity. That is what I wanted to tell through the 25 paintings and the public seemed to like my works as much as I did, so it had a good outcome.

-Out all of your paintings which one does you like the most?

I have this one called “the tower of time”, it was one of my very first paintings and I tried to draw the tower of Cathedral in an abstract way. What I love about it is the fact that I painted it trusting my guts… I didn’t have deep knowledge about abstract painting. And it turned out to be quite of a nice job for a clueless kid.

-Do you think you have everything that one needs to be an artist?

I have something; which is better than nothing. I am very well aware that I have a long way to go to reach the goals I have in mind. Am very passionate about what I do but every time I see other artists works I tell myself I am just a humble beginner.

-Are we to expect more from you?

Please do, this is just the beginning.

-Well good luck and thanks for being here with us.

Pleasure is all mine.

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