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Gossip and its effects in the work environment

Part I
When I have plans to walk for a long distance, as part of my periodical physical exercises I call on Taminu, divulged Yemane to his friend Bilal when they were sipping Beer during their leisure time. Yemane and Bilal work in different organizations.  Taminu, said Yemane, is a catalogue of every woman in the town. Just mention one female name and his memory’s cursor will simply roll down with all the tell tale. I can not tell you how I enjoy all the gossip that he has in his mind’s store house. Hours simply fly by, so I enjoy the long distance walk with him.  Otherwise, you know, to be alone could be so boring, Yemane added.

People love gossip. It’s the biggest thing that keeps the entertainment industry going.
Ellen DeGeneres

On another occasions, Yemane went on to say, I call Dramay. This man seems to have a dictionary of the cars in the town. It is quite amazing to listen as he gives me the details such as the model, their price, their owners etc. He also seems to have the archives of the world’s current events. When I want to tune to sports events, I move the indicator towards my good friend Babooud. He is also a good diagnostician of all the celebrity coaches that our contemporary world has. Bilal did not feel at ease with what his friend Yemane was saying. ”To what extent do you enjoy the Gossip”, Bilal interrupted by asking Yemane. Well! Well!, said Yemane, I really don’t enjoy the gossip, for mostly it could not be true but you know I listen just for the sake of listening.

Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everybody enjoys.
Joseph Conrad

One thing what interests me that Taminu is also full of humor, narrating infinite jokes and anecdotes. He keeps me laughing all the time. Therefore I feel as if it is killing two birds with one stone; walking and enjoying the gossip. “I am sure you are not ignorant of the dangers of obsession be it gossiping or anything else”, Bilal grunted gently appearing to offer his modest advise.  Yemane did not like the criticism. Nonchalantly he argued that it is quite human to join the Gossip Club as it is part of the spices of life.

Bilal was unmoved by Yemane’s arguments. In a way it can be, said Bilal, but mostly your liberal thinking will be overshadowed by hearsay. Your pursuit of knowledge will simply be marred by rumor mongering. Do you think you can avail yourself by talking about people behind their back? Bilal hurled his question to Yemane, whose stunning face revealed an uneasy challenge. Wouldn’t be better to discuss about ideas added Bilal. Yemane appeared speechless.  I am feeling the twitch confessed Yemane. I would agree that I will not reap any benefits by simply allowing myself indulging into the gossip club.  I like your smart assessment of the issue responded Bilal in admiration. In general, Bilal said, “Gossiping debilitates the mind though on occasions it could be of use.

It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things.
Lawrence G. Lovasik

Himan and Hasina are work mates. During coffee break Hasina reminded Himan sarcastically that it is gossip time and that they have to have a break to enjoy the usual morning news over a cup of tea or coffee.  Himan walked out with a faint smile along with Hasina to the organizations coffee room.  Seated at the far corner was Engda with other work mates. Hasina kept on Focusing on Engda. What are you looking at? Asked Himan. I am looking at that boss’s minder, claimed Hasina. I hate him. Every morning he pops on the boss’s office just to fetch him about every sort of information. That is why he has all the favors in the eyes of the boss.

Being a gossip reporter just isn’t a respectable job. It’ll chew you up and spit you out.
Kim Cattrall

Are you certain of what you are talking? Asked Himan. Come on! Every one in the organization knows about him. I know you do not bother, but you have to beware of his eaves dropping nasty attitude. Meanwhile they were joined by Yasmin and kindya. The usual current affairs and the premier league dominated the discussions. Do you know that Yorda is to be engaged in the coming few weeks, Yasmin announced? Both Himan and Hasina were taken by surprise about the news. How do you know? they both asked. Well, no news seems to escape our grab of attention, Yasmin said in a smile. Kindya drew the attention of the group on Engda. You know that man, he rats on all of us he claimed. Himan seems to be taken aback by surprise. I told you Himan, Hasina exclaimed. Do not live in an obscured world, she added. Also bowled over was Yasmin who in retrospect remembered how frankly and bluntly have discussed with Engda about the organization’s state of affairs. You need to be cautious when you discuss with Engda warned Hasina to the group. I am also to hear that Mamitu is another puppet of the boss. You will find her in his office more often than not. The adrenalin on Himan seems to rise up. Himan considers Mamitu a nice and open minded person.

One evening during the mid week Yemane and Bilal were enjoying their snacks in a good café house in the town. Himan and Hasina set foot in at the same coffee house. Hasina and Bilal are relatives. So when Bilal saw Hasina with her friend he waved his hand and signaled her to join them at the table. Himan was a bit hesitant. However Hasina urged her to join them. Bilal is my cousin and I am sure you will enjoy his discussions, she told Himan. Rather reluctantly Himan agreed to join Hasina’s relative and his friend. It did not take time for Bilal to introduce his cousin Hasina to Yemane. Hasina also introduced Himan to both men. Himan is my colleague and a good friend, she told them. 

When the waiter approached to serve the two new entrants, be our guest, Bilal told the two young ladies. They both ordered Cappuccino and cakes of their choices. Bilal took the initiative to break the ice. So how is work, Hasina Bilal asked? Is there a new development that you can tell us, he added? Well work goes as usual Hassina, acted in response. The new development to share you is that we are expecting an advanced level of training to upgrade our capacity. The venue will be in a foreign country. However the selection is not to our liking. In fact I hate to see that gossip master Engda and his twin Mamitu joining the group. They do not deserve but you know what happens when there is favoritism. Anyway it seems that I and Himan will be for the next group.  Himan did not feel at ease and preferred not to comment. Well it is quite normal, said Yemane  looking askance at Bilal.  It could be normal but the issue is would it pay to the organization? Bilal seems to argue. Rather politely Himan commented that if the organization thinks it is right we have to leave it to their expectations. Anyway what is worrying for the staff members is that some people who do not deserve should not have joined the training program. Himan seems to unwittingly contradict her argument. So it means that you are not happy of these rumor mongers, Yemane asked with interest. Yes, Hasina responded instantly. Gossiping in a work place or in any part for that matter is devastating. So let us look what are the effects in the work place. Let us digest what scholars will tell us about Gossiping . We can start with the definition.


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