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Successful Path To Progress

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Report published last week reveals that Eritrea is making impressive progress in terms of the 2015 target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

The vision of the people and Government of Eritrea has been to reach higher  levels  in  terms  of  economy,  living  standards,  social  services, education and technology, and by so doing establish a nation of justice and  stability  that  ensures  equal  opportunities  and  better  lives  for  its citizens. But such a vision is not attained through aspiration only; its implementation is not smooth either. It instead demands dedication and hard work. Upon this realization, the practical citizen that puts the love of  its  nation  and  progress  of  its  people  upfront  has  been  relentlessly working, putting individualism aside, towards achieving the national objective. And as a result of the efforts of its dedicated citizens, Eritrea has been able to repel an open invasion and other disguised economic and  political  ploys,  as  well  as  implements  strategic  development endeavors and register radical changes. At such a historical stage, the momentum, progress and capital gathered so far in all sectors, as well as  all  promising  prospects,  bear  witness  to  the  unwavering  spirit  and strength of the Eritrean people.

Whether for an individual or a society, there are always two choices: work hard and be self-reliant or be dependent. The first choice entails a difficult journey but ensures a flourishing destination; the latter appears to  be  easy  and  convenient  but  in  the  end  drops  you  into  an  endless pit of slavery. Eritreans as a people have taken the first choice. This is because definite victory after a long and bitter struggle has been a principle instilled in their past history; a principle that brought us to victory  in  our  past  experience  and  that  today  serves  as  the  epicenter of our national values in our endeavors to build a nation of justice and prosperity. The result is the growth being registered all over the country, attest to not only by words but also on the ground by international standards.

If we take a look at world history, the successful peoples are those who  set  out  for  a  lasting  solution  while  at  the  same  time  enduring temporary  problems. The  people  of  Eritrea  have  been  on  this  proven track of progress and have been working hard focusing on strategic development  programs  that  can  bring  about  basic  solutions.  Any nation is built through its internal capacity; and the internal capacity is nurtured through  economic  programs  that  ensure  the  broad participation  of  the  people,  principle  of  self-reliance  as  well  as productivity.  And  it  is  because  of  this  realization  that  the  people of Eritrea have been endeavoring to build a national economy free from any  external  dependence.  And  the  reward  of  such  national  effort, which  has  been  demanding  patience  and  a  hefty  price,  will  surely  be harvested in abundance in not so a distant future; along the lines of economic independence.

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