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“My students are my life’s greatest teachers”

He was born in 1972 in Asmara, and ever the first day of his school journey was known as a trouble maker. But he grew up to be at the present a very well known and respected teacher. How did some one that hated teachers the most revolved in to a great teacher his self? Let us meet Mr. Yonas Habte.

-How was your childhood?

Wild! I grew up in a very loving neighborhood so as a child I almost spent every chance I had in hanging out with my neighbors and play till our parents would pull us by our ears and lock us in the house in evening.

-You didn’t like going to school did you?

I did, I loved going to school that was the place in which I could find my friends. What I didn’t like was studying and keeping my mouth shut in class. I remember my teachers whining about my behavior and the academic disinterest.

-And then what happened?

An epiphany happened. In high school I was a bit older than my fellow students because I had failed a couple of years earlier. I figured out that I was doing nothing to help my life. I thought I could do the list of the effort and try something better rather than just fooling around. Bit by bit I ended up gaining some sense of determination and there from that I started performing well.

-When and how did you decide to become a teacher?

In 1996, it was not a decision that I made. I served as a teacher during my national service and I just went on with what I had started. I figured out I liked my job, I started off as an elementary teacher and that what made me fall in love with the profession. I had the responsibility of giving my little innocent students a base on which they would build a whole empire of knowledge as they grew up.

-Do you remember your first day as a teacher?

I very well do. It was in so many ways ironic because I tormented my teachers! I went to see an old teacher of mine and he was proud of me that was very emotional. I had expected him to laugh at my face but he didn’t!

-Very recently you published two books, right?

Yes, a book that gives some directions in life. While writing I was picturing my self… they are both about life skills, but the second one is simply a translated book of Brian Tracy.

-You are now a much respected high school teacher, how do you feel?

I respect my students and they respect me. Since I always look back to the old days I try to understand my students till the very end, maybe that is why a lot of them like me but hey… I like them even more. My students are my life greatest teachers. When it comes to my profession I am very proud about it.

-Well thanks for joining us and we wish all the best in your carrier.

Thanks for having me!

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