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Educating Those Eager to Get Educated

Aligidir is mostly known as a farming area. It is an area where industrial ingredients like cotton grew. So, in thinking about Aligidir what comes to one’s mind is a cotton plantation area along other farming activities. Aligidir is however not only a farm area but trade and pastoral life style of its 10,300 inhabitants gives it a differed picture. Irrigation based agricultural activity remains dominant over the other activities the inhabitants of this administrative area depend on to earn their living. The growing number of inhabitants in this respective areas increases the demand of Educational among other social services. Being among the 10 administrative areas of Teseney sub-zone which has two secondary, eight junior and elven primary schools, Aligidir administrative area takes its share of the overall educational facilities of the sub-zone and thus two primary and one secondary schools are rendering service to the growing population.

This only secondary school could not of course accommodate large number of students and there has been vivid shortage of educational institutions in Aligidir administrative area. But, to have one is better than none and thus the opening of this secondary school is a good beginning for an improved and better access to eduation.

A new school has now been built but it lacks necessary facilities. Students are having difficulties of reading materials. There is of course no shortage of stationaries owing to Government’s effort to provide students of this country with books and other accessories.

Students from the disadvantaged part of the society do not spend any single penny for educational materials and for uniforms. As long as education is tuition free in Eritrea, any child or adult who wants to pursue education has a broader access. There is however, a need for equipping the newly opened schools with all necessary teaching aids and necessary school materials. There is hence a vivid deficit of reading and reference materials as well as some school furniture.

The opening of the secondary school that has been giving educational service in Aligidir is realized through the initiative taken by the inhabitants of the area. This school has been educating 9th graders and the 10th and 11th grader students of the area have been traveling from Aligidir to Teseney by a service bus.

But for how long shall these students continue to travel from their locality to Teseney. This traveling would negatively affect their academic performance. Educational policy of the government of Eritrea is in favor of equal distribution of schools and educational facilities throughout the country. So, the inhabitants of this areas will, no doubt, get due support for the initiative they took to teach their children with whatever resources they have.

There are a number of educational institutions distributed everywhere in the country, and as people’s eagerness to get educated is getting intensified with the ever growing provision there would be an urgent need to open new schools and to train teachers so as to meet the growing demand.

According to Mr. Semereab Habtemariam, head of pedagogy in Aligidir secondary school, students in this administrative area are well known for their discipline and for their eagerness to get educated no matter how huge the deficits are.

“We could not wait doing nothing. We should not entirely depend on the government but we should rather do what we could do with the resources we have at hand and it is in based on the initiative we took to bring a change that we could anticipate Government’s support” said Administrator of Aligidir administrative area Mr. Ferej Mahmud Anjetay. According to him, the Ministry of Education has promised them to equip this school with necessary facilities.

Getting access to education is among the basic rights of every national and education to those eager to be educated is more a responsibility of every concerned party and particular of the people and the Government of Eritrea. Hence, any deficit that stands as a challenge in the promoting educational service need to be addressed as soon as possible. It is in doing this that eager students could become tomorrow’s eager contributors towards national economic and social growth.

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