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The aestheticism within

The splendor of mother earth is enriched with vast and different forms of beauty.  The existence of the human race and the flora and fauna on the face of this earth adds in more magnificence to it. Releasing the aesthetic soul within to  caress  the  beauty  around  one, one can perceive the abundance of beauty everywhere; the vast blue sky, the full moon, the flock of birds flying together, the morning sun, the green pasture, the dew on the  grass,  that  beautiful  smile  of the  girl,  the  innocent  laughter  of the  children  playing  along…the list  is  too  numerous  to  list  down, but  this  testifies  one  fact-  that beauty is everywhere around us.

Beauty makes the entire world happy, and every being forgets its limitations as long as it experiences her enchantment. We all have been captivated by a presence of beauty one time or another forgetting the troubles that hovered above us.  The unfolding of beauty has this unique and untold power of disarming us from the prison of our current situations. Don’t we all stop and stare to behold the view of that setting sun? – amazed at the hue of colors it splashed on the sky. We are surrounded by beauty but only few realize and appreciate this while most of us completely ignore it. Some people are totally indifference to beauty; they can’t perceive or realize beauty or its essence for that matter. But  their minds are incapable of seeing and delighting  in  the  essential  nature of  beauty  itself,  so  they  cruise through the journey of life solemn and unhappy.

You see people, beauty has this special  way  of  releasing  us  from our  current  situation  and  in  its magnificence we delight and relax even for a bit untangling ourselves from  the  worries  of  life.  Beauty can  serve  this  cold  world  and  its tenants  as  a  remedy,  cure,  and joy. But only few have learned to appreciate beauty or its essence in this world due to a lot of reasons and  as  such  a  lot  of  people  have estranged  from  the  aestheticism within  them  and  as  a  result  they lack  grace  and  beauty  in  their everyday  activities.  There  are people who are totally blind to the beauty  around  them,  people  who fail  to  perceive  and  appreciate what beauty is. Such people often lack style, adroitness and poise in everything they do. I don’t know about you but I have seen people who  dress  up  in  all  the  possible colors from the head to toe and on the top of that they have to present themselves in a way that screams at a full volume their blindness to perceive beauty.

Haven’t  you  wondered  why a  certain  person  is  wearing  that particular  color  of  T-shirt  with that color and style of trousers? Some  people  just  don’t  stop  and contemplate  the  impression  they are  creating  by  looking  like  a painting  book  of  someone  in kindergarten. Some people give you a headache just looking at their  style  or  poise,  especially to  someone  who  sees  things from  an  aesthetic  point  of  view. And I am not talking only about dressing  styles  and  colors  but everything  else  such  as  poise, integrity,  composure  and  manner of  communicating  with  others. Haven’t you wondered why a certain short person would choose to sit on a very long bar stool which even highlights his flaw and create an abysmally mood upsetting sight to the rest of the people in the bar? This is to mean that some people don’t know what to do and where or how-and this clearly states their lack of perceiving beauty or its quintessence.

No  one  among  us  is  perfect and  it  has  been  said  that  beauty is  subjective;  that  beauty  in things  exists  in  the  mind  which contemplates  them.  But  we shouldn’t  also  forget  that  there are  things  that  are  noticeable  by everyone  and  trigger  the  same yet  sundry  degree  of  emotions from  the  beholders.  Unless  there is  some  psychological  instability with  one,  no  one  denies  the beauty  of  that  blossoming  rose, the  stretching  little  hands  of  a little girl, and the magnificence of the dark blue sky decorated with dots  of  stars…etc. some objects and situations can just be ignored however  unaesthetic  we  might claim  to  be.  They hold objective and universal beauty that can bow down every  one  for  their  beauty and  true  nature.  Hell yeah!  Even ugliness is a point of view and an ulcer might look wonderful to a pathologist but sometimes there is a point where one can’t tolerate certain ugliness even if it is in its harmless state.

Being  an  aesthetic  doesn’t mean  that  one  has  to  only appreciate  and  understand  deep and abstract paintings of Michael Angelo,  Leonardo  da  Vinci  or any other genius artistic creations of  the  renaissance.  Every  one  of us  are  aesthetic  in  heart  it  is  just that  some  of  us  activate  and  use it  daily  while  others  completely  ignore  and stifle it. Just happens to be, I have a friend who seems to be born without innate aesthetics eyes or ears. Everything she wears testifies her lack of artistic touch. She  is  not  only  totally  estranged from  her  aesthetic  soul  but  also seems  to  be  color  blind.  She  is not  a  bad  person,  in  fact  she  has a large heart but this kind heart of  hers  seems  to  betray  her  in  a lot of decisions she takes during her  lifetime.  Sometimes she will put on the  most  outrageous  color synergy that knocks the beholder off balance. Sometimes she would wear the entire shade of green from her head to toe looking like algae on some accumulated water while sometimes she would mix every possible color there is looking like a victim of an explosion in a dress factory.  This  would  have  been  a bearable flaw if it wasn’t for her lack of perceiving beauty in all direction  of  her  life,  her  choice of  color,  dress,  style,  men,  poise …etc.  everything  seems  to  lack beauty or grace.

Seriously,  sometimes  it  will  do us  a  great  deal  of  good  to  stand in  front  of  the  mirror  and  ask ourselves what beauty is for us and to  release  the  aestheticism  within us to take control and enlighten us what is truly beautiful. Most of us have  a  misguided  notion  of  what is  beautiful  and  in  an  effort  to accomplish what we have defined is  beauty  we  are  growing  apart from  the  real  meaning  of  what beauty  is.  Beauty is simplicity.   So  all  the  exaggeration  we  apply to  complicate  and  sophisticate beauty are making us look like incredibly  ridiculous  and  are leading  us  astray  from  the  true meaning of beauty or sublime.

On the other hand there are also the  other  section  of  the  world’s community like my mum who is a stickler and absolute perfectionist, who in their attempt to behold the statues  of  beauty  and  perfection around  them  turn  into  nagging and control freaks. The problem with these people is that they can never be satisfied as long as they are  living  in  an  imperfect  world inhabited by bunch of communities that  fell  off  the  grace  of  beauty. In  their  deep  desire  to  maintain beauty in all aspect of life (which by  the  way  is  impossible)  direct everyone’s  life  around  them,  and just like that ambitious director striving  for  an  Oscar  winning movie; they dictate every move of the  people  around  them.  One  too many  times  have  my  mum  told me  to  exercise  a  more  feminine, attractive and husky laughter than my  loud  unstylish  giggles.  She says,  “ Laugh  in  a  way  that  will stop  anyone  on  his/her  tracks” . Sometimes to laugh around my mum is just a work not a reaction or a reflex of emotion. “Sit up straight, lift your chin up…” the orders  go  on.  Sitting with mum, one has to sit, straight  and maintaining a composure just that of the Queen Mother. Anyway life can be a mighty difficult when you live with a perfectionist under one roof.  I once  heard  a  story  of  this girl  who  is  so  perfectionist  and aesthetic that when she cleans her house,  nobody  is  allowed  to  get in or touch anything in the house, the whole household would gather up in the kitchen and stare at each other. This girl even dictates them how to sit and which glasses or any other material to use. Her brothers don’t  usually  eat  when  she  is around because she really pitches a fit if she sees some crumbs or leftovers  while  eating  their  food. One  is  not  allowed  to  breathe louder  than  the  average  noise  in the house, if she is around. Some people preach perfection and beauty in everything.

All  other  forms  of  perception divide  a  man,  because  they  are exclusively  based  either  on  the aesthetic  nature  within  or  on  the intellectual part of his being; only the perception of a beauty makes something whole of him, because both his natures must accord with it and this in turn yields happiness and  peace  of  mind.  Sometimes the situation or time might not be by our side and would prevent us from assigning a quality time to get in touch with our aestheticism within but still this is not an excuse to go around town displaying total lack of artistic  ability.  Beauty makes this world a happier place and perceiving beauty and feeding back beauty makes this world a better place to live in. so take an utmost  care  as  not  to  disturb  the beauty  order  of  the  world  we live  in  for  that  of  Beauty  and the  Beast-  it  has  a  power  to  free someone  or  something  from  a curse or pressure.

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