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The potentials for future Tourism development in Eritrea: Part II

There are various factors contributing to the diversity of Eritrean tourism attractiveness. In the historical aspect for instance, there is no reason why our nationals wouldn’t want to visit the trenches of Nakfa when they are part of our life, history and identity. Neither would westerners be repelled by the fact that Eritrea has been a colony of western countries.

Similarly, Eritrea could be a tourist destination for the Middle East owing to the fact that it was an ancient trading center with cultural and historical on top of the commercial links to the region. Thee is also no reason why its steadfastness against world superpowers and its long and bitter struggle for liberation, which is the longest and unmatched in Africa and radiates pride for Africans, couldn’t attract loads of tourists.

The natural resources and the other hand could prove irresistible to those tourists seeking fun and adventure. The pristine waters of the Red Sea, the captivating islands and their beaches, the fascinating archeological sites, remarkable landscapes, the divers wildlife, … all these added to the prevailing peace and security, make Eritrea one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the planet.

Many tourists have already applauded Eritrea’s tourism resources and its people’s polite and hospitable nature and they affirmed the high potentials for it to become the center of tourism in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, it is only appropriate to say that now is the time to create conducive atmosphere for nationals at home to keep their knowledge of their rich and diverse tourism resources. Because tomorrow Eritrea will be brimming with tourists while Eritreans will be proudly showing off pictures they took in the different parts of their country.

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