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Self-Motive of the Disabled: Key to Self-reliance Part I

One person could not be half plump and half slim. Hence, there is nothing like partly built body. It is hard to say anybody has registered impressive development of any sort when a part of the mainstream society has not yet been able to earn their living by their own. If the living standards of some portion of a country’s population, which indeed need to be considered as a half part of one’s body, has not been still improved, a holistic economic development could not be achieved no matter how extensive the efforts being exerted to that end. So, any person with physical challenge needs to be considered as half part of our own body. If assisted in skill acquisition, one could become self-reliant and that half part of our body could simultaneously be developed and a good proportion of growth could be maintained. So, assisting and enabling those with physical challenges is assisting oneself. It is in assisting them to become self-reliant that we assist ourselves lest they could continue to be dependent of us, the society around them as well as dependent of the government.

There are indeed a number of lessons one could learn from people with disabilities and of which include hard work and determination as means to success. Owing to different efforts being exerted by the Eritrean people and Government, nationals with disabilities of any sort are making steady progress in improving their living standards adhering to a principle of self-reliance.
What the nationals with disabilities proved so far is a success story that has been paid off as a result of the extensive efforts they exerted to the extent they could reach.  If they are to register more impressive success, however, it should not be forgotten that they need encouragement and material assistance.

This year’s world Day of Disabled has been commemorated in Eritrea for its 18th time in the view point that increasing the know-how of disabled nationals in different fields is what guarantees their future of being self-reliant. They could not only become self-reliant but they could also make due contribution in the development drive.

Present on the occasion Ms. Salma Hassen, Minister of Labor and Human Welfare said that except mental illness, there is no disability that could hinder any person from being involved in task of any sort as is proved in the period of the struggle for independence. Thus, taking into account experiences so far acquired, Ms. Salma said that the government of Eritrea has been working not only in paving ground works alone but also to enable disabled nationals become self-reliant as well as active contributors to the overall economic growth of the country.

Ms. Salma also indicated that there should be nobody that feel petty of one’s disability but should rather contribute a share in enhancing one’s ability to accomplish things on the principle of self-reliance.

Songs presented at the commemoratory event by visually and hearing impaired as well as other nationals with autism and Down syndrome is a clear indication of their creative ability and their readiness to accomplish anything relaying on their utmost capacity no matter how hard their disabilities are.

In the event that was held on 3rd November 2013 at Expo grounds in Asmara, a documentary that showed sports activities of disabled nationals was presented. This documentary highlights that people with disability could achieve something extraordinary be it in sports and their day-to-day activities provided that necessary encouragement and assistance is extended by individuals and concerned parties.

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