Business is booming.

“With dedication and hard work success is inevitable”

My name is Yosief Negash. I was born in 1963 in Asmara. I learned until grade 9 and then I quite school and started working.

What kind of work?

First as a driver at the Eritrean Electric Authority, and parallel with that I developed the habit of growing flowers.

What motivated you do that?

My father and brother were working with that, and I followed their footsteps. At first I was doing that as a hobby, but later I started developing it for business.

Do you have customers?

Our society appreciates good things. And I have a lot of customer who come here to buy flowers and fruits seeds, and I go from place to place to plant flowers and fruits for my customers.

Who helps you in doing your work?

My wife and five of my children. I also at time hire people to work for me.

Tell us about flowers?

When we talk about flowers, it looks very simple. There are 40 types of flowers that I myself know.

What about fruits?

Our society know better about fruits. Temperate fruits like that of apple, papaya, orange are very common among our society.

Do you have any educational background with regards flowers and fruits?

No! I work only through experience I took from my parents and brothers.
In how many places have you planted flowers?

In around 200 residential compounds, and above 50 institutions. For example in the premises of the Ministry of Information.

Do you feel successful with what you do?

Thanks God I am. The only thing that needs is initiative and with dedication and hard work success is inevitable.

Thank you!

I also thank you!

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