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A woman’s heart

This  is  the  heart  that  has managed to remain a mystery for so many and over time; no scholar or  a  well-established  researcher has  managed  to  catch  upon  its essence  or  its  quintessence  for that  matter.  Many  have  tried and  failed  unable  to  reach  the depth of a woman’s heart. It is a beautiful  mystery  that  keeps  us all  enthralled  and  fascinated.  It is  a  heart  that,  despite  its  depth and  mystification,  has  spread love  and  kindness  to  the  tenants of this world.  It is also the heart that  has  taught  us  to  love  and beloved in return.

Have  you  ever  thought  how the world would be and look like if  it  was  just  inhabited  only  by Adam or that many Adams were multiplied  somehow  and  filled the face of the earth?

Yeah! You got that right; it will be this cold place. As cold as the tomb  haunted  by  ghost  feelings of  love,  joy  and  other  emotions. One shudders just thinking of it.

Hey,  I  am  not  denying  the fact that the other section of the human species’ possession of the qualities  of  sensibility  but  only pinpointing that this sensibility is usually dormant or is stifled deep down  and  that  women  are  the ones who activate these dormant emotions and feelings. Thus I am not  ignoring  the  fact  that  a  man owns  a  heart  too,  but  a  man’s heart  needs  a  partner  heart  that can  teach  him  to  love,  feel  and experience a number of emotions. Consciously  or  unconsciously  a man’s  heart  is  out  and  about  in search of a heart partner that will be  able  to  activate  all  the  pent-up  emotions  he  has  buried  deep down  so  masterfully.  On  the other  hand  a  woman’s  heart  is filled with a sea of compassion, sympathy,  love,  kindness  and gentleness  and  she  can’t  bury these  feeling  down  for  they  are vast  and  as  such  she  extends  it to everyone around. The creator, in  his  magnificent  ability  has thought  and  planned  perfectly on  balancing  the  equilibrium of  the  human  race  by  installing both  sets  of  characteristics  (the soft and the tough) in his work of arts. So the man cruises through life  displaying  machismo  and exaggerated sense of masculinity which  by  the  way  emphasizes behaviors that are conventionally considered as male qualities such as  strength,  courage,  stamina, and  last  but  not  least  lack  of emotional  response  and  the world  expects  nothing  less  from him. But the woman with her soft heart and nature fills in what the man lacks. She teaches love and patience  to  the  world  of  cynics. Shimmering  with  softness  and kindness  a  woman  makes  this world  a  better  place  to  live  in. And  in  coming  together  both genders complement each other’s shortcomings,  I  don’t  think  it was  ever  in  the  intention  of  the creator to prefer or top one over the other.

Have  you  ever  wondered how  the  world  would  function without the existence of love and kindness?  Do  you  think  there will even be a world to talk about in the first place? It is love that has tolerated over all the ugliness of life and the crimes of wicked intentions.  So  what  can  spring love  better  than  a  woman’s heart?    Love  has  taught  us  to forgive  each  other  and  accept each  other  and  we  all  know  that sentiments of mercy are in unison with a woman’s heart. Can a man declare  that  he  is  crazy  in  love without  having  found  a  woman that  makes  me  to  react  as  such, can he do all these things a man in  love  does  without  a  woman’s heart  provoking  such  actions from him?

“No  woman  no  cry”  once sang  Bob  Marley  and  a  lot  of people  have  their  own  version of  translation  for  this  particular song.  Although  some  have chosen  to  believe  that  women are  the  cause  of  every  pain  and misery  in  life  thus  by  deduction there  would  have  not  been  the word  cry  if  women  were  not created  at  all;  thus  no  woman no  cry,  I  ,however,  have  chosen to translate this song in my own terms of understanding and frame of  mind.  But  before  I  proceed with  my  reasoning  I  want  to challenge  the  above  mentioned version  of  translation  of  this particular  song.  For  argument sake, let’s just say that women are responsible for all the miseries in life and that’s what he meant by no  woman  no  cry-  if  there  were no woman there will be no crying of any form. But haven’t we ever cried out of joy and happiness in life for reasons that have nothing to  do  with  a  woman  or  women?  I have seen a man crying a river after  returning  to  his  hometown after  20  years  in  exile.  He  bow A woman’s heartdown  and  kissed  the  land  he loves so much and dearly as tears of  joy  and  other  unidentified emotions  took  over  him.  I  have seen  a  man  shedding  tears  on a  death  of  a  family,  brother  or father.  So  women  can’t  possibly be  the  cause  of  every  crying sound  in  life.  We  should  know that  sometimes  the  soul  has  this intriguing habit of wallowing on its own will and accord and this in turn fills the heart with sadness so  we  usually  shed  few  tears  of self-pitying  and  no  woman  is  to be blamed for this. This is to say that all of us shed tears now and then for causes that have nothing to  do  with  women.  And  as  so  I have this feeling that Marley was trying  to  narrate  the  sensitivity and  sensibility  of  a  woman  to the  world;  that  the  world  and its tenants wouldn’t get in touch with  their  pent-up  emotions  that are  deep  down  if  it  wasn’t  for the  women  down  through  time who  have  taught  us  to  express our  emotions  and  feelings.  Not because  they  are  the  cause  of every  misery  in  life  but  because they  have  made  us  a  better citizen  of  this  life  unlike  those robots  and  machines  that  can’t experience any form of emotions or  unable  to  express  feelings.  Thus a woman is the savior that has taught us to get in touch with the sensitivity within us.

I am not trying to pain a woman as a saint or holier-than-thou but we all know deep down that this is  true  and  we  have  witnessed her  kind  heart  starting  from  our mothers.  Remember  she  cried her eyes out when you were hurt and  has  suffered  as  much  when you were in pain? She has prayed and demanded that she suffers on your behalf. She has prayed that the  heavens  punish  her  instead. How  about  the  times  she  saw  a motherless  child  crying  on  the streets, didn’t she break into tears till she was beyond consolation? Her heart reaches out for anyone in  distress.  It  is  a  kind  and vulnerable  heart  that  welcomes everyone  into  its  chambers,  and trust me the world has come to be a  better  place  to  live  in  because of  it.  It  has  cured  and  soothed a  lot  of  hearts.  It  has  endured everything but still has managed to love and care again.

A  woman’s  heart  is  most beautiful when it caught amidst a love affair. Then it feeds love and receives love- that’s probably the only  time  it  receives  back  love from  the  other  end  for  her  heart always extends love and kindness unconditionally. This heart loves abundantly with no holding back. When  this  heart  loves  it  loves genuinely  and  wholly,  it  feeds and  waters  pure  love.  Haven’t you  heard  about  the  healing power  of  a  woman’s  heart?  Her love can heal and mend a broken heart.  And  when  she  loves,  she loves  with  all  her  whole  heart holding nothing back. She opens her  heart  and  feeds  her  pure love.  Love  comes  naturally  for her  and  that’s  why  she  feels  it deeper  than  the  man.  The  love punch  gets  straight  to  her  head and  her  whole  being,  she  looks out  of  the  window  and  admire the  sight  before  her.  Suddenly the sky seems cloudless, the stars bigger  and  brighter  and  that  the heavenly bodies are smiling down at her. She smiles a lot and feeds love  to  everyone  around.  When she  is  really  in  love  we  all  feel the love, the atmosphere is filled with love and we all can sense it in the air. It is also a courageous heart; one that never backs down. I  have  seen  women  raising  up from ashes to become somebody, those  woman  who  have  built  a great name for themselves, those women who were told they don’t have  what  it  takes  to  climb  the ladder  of  success  but  who  have proven the world wrong.

I  have  heard  a  lot  of  men confessing  out  laud  about  their inability  to  reach  the  depth  of a  woman’s  heart.  The  routine observation  by  most  men  is  that “ wow, you can never find her heart”. But her heart is there and it  was  never  lost  to  be  found,  it is  just  that  no  one  can  reach  its depth. We can find a woman’s heart, it is its depth that we can’t find and I think this very reason should  make  a  woman’s  heart more  beautiful  and  fascinating. But by nature, we, human beings have the tendency to doubt what we  can’t  fully  understand  or grasp  and  that’s  why  most  men talk  negatively  when  the  topic of  their  discussion  involves  a women’s heart. However, we can talk about it and many books and scholars also could try discussing it but we can never measure its depth nor can we guess its extent.  We  all  know  that  it  will  remain to  be  a  mystery;  a  beautiful mystery.

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